Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sawasdee Bangkok 2

We started day 2 of our Bangkok trip to Pratunam market. Its a wholesale market so buying in bulk here is definitely cheaper. T-shirts and tubes are sold for as low as 50 baht (RM 5). This is one of the market that i love the most in Bangkok for the cheap prices and friendly salesgirls.

Group pic at the beginning of Pratunam market

Shopping at Pratunam

This cute shih tzu at the market

After walking around Pratunam, we decided to explore the mall opposite the market. There's more clothes inside the mall but as we were too tired to shop, we decided to head for the food court straight.

Portuguese ggg white egg tart that cost 40 baht one

Basil Chicken rice..spicy with a tinge of mint. Super yummy can

We had our lunch at Platinum Fashion Mall food court. Generally i find the food there ok only, still very sweet.

Pork satay

Green curry basil chicken which is not nice at all

After lunch, we spent the afternoon continue walking around the mall. There's one shop that caught my attention that sells everything in jeans from bags to undergarments to shoes and clothes.

The jeans shop

After shopping a little in Platinum, we headed out again to another part of Pratunam market.

Unique coca-cola clock

I saw this shop that offers foot plus hand and shoulder massage for only 139 baht (RM 13.90) an hour! It's really really cheap compared to the foot massage we had on our 1st day and the service is excellent.

Yeah..enjoying my foot massage

Street of Bangkok

Souvenirs made from tin cans

We were feeling a bit hungry so we decided to be adventurous and asked around to see if anyone knows of anywhere around that area that sells exotic food such as cockroaches and grasshoppers. Not like im gna eat them anyway, but just curios to check them out since i heard that Bangkok sells them everywhere. Instead, we came across these other local Thai food selling at those push cart stalls along the street.

I dno whats this called. This man tried telling us the name in Thai but i just cant get it. Neway he has pretty good business so we decided to tried it. Its a concoction of an assortment of vegetable, mushrooms, chillis, and pickles all cook together in a soup that is brown in colour.

Tada..the bowl of whatever it is called but its nice

Then there's Dunkin donuts which have alot more different flavorings than the once found in Malaysia. Above is the different different type of munchkins they have and below is a smiley face coconut topping Dunkin.

This old lady seating by the street selling mango or papaya salad

Noodles and fishballs in this particular soup that taste like a mixture of curry, chilli and tom yam all blend together

These raw vegetables are for us to add into that bowl of noodles and fishballs

Bbq pork balls

Bbq fat squid

This is the best pork satay i tasted in Bangkok. We were crossing the road and the man who sold this was also crossing the road while barbecuing his satay sticks so we just stopped it and bought it.

We went for dinner by the famous Thailand tuk tuk. The place we went for dinner is call Coco Walk. It's like the bbq buffet style steamboat using charcoals which only cost 98 baht (RM 9.80) per person.

The guys carnivore pot

Our more balance and healthy pot =p

MS and me

Group pic

After dinner, we decided to give Patpong, the infamous red light district in Bangkok a visit. As we walked along the Patpong market, there were many people trying to pull us into one of their bars for their ping pong show. Seriously i dno whats a ping pong show but i guessed its similar to the Thai girls show.

Patpong market

We werent actually allow to take pic if we do not want to watch the show but we illegally manage to snap one from outside. This is an A-gogo show where skimpily clad girls in bikinis or maybe in birthday suit keeps dancing at the top of the stage. Most times they are not even dancing but rather just shaking listlessly around. I don't see why people would want to pay to sit in such a place watching these girls. I mean I can't understand the 'fun' part of it

After Patpong, some of us went for supper somewhere within 5 km radius from our hotel.

Mango salad

Hot pot pork soup

Supper time..its raining again!

It was a very long day but it was a good one. :)

to be continue....

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