Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Sawasdee Bangkok 3

Our day 3 trip in Bangkok started with a visit to the Jim Thompson silk house. Jim Thompson silks are one of the most popular silk in Thailand. According to rumors, Jim Thompson went missing at the age of 60 and he is said to be lost within the jungle of Cameron Highland! Other than introducing Thai silk to the Americans, Jim Thompson also brought back many antiques and carvings from around the world to decorate his house. The minute we stepped into compound of his house, i get this very Bali feeling that is very comfortable. Pictures weren't allowed in the house but what fascinate me most is the 'television' that Jim Thompson used to watch. The 'tv' is actually a glass box with a house inside and mice are place in them to race to see which mice wins the race. How fascinating indeed ppl in the past manage to come up with creative entertainment like this for themselves.

Jim Thompson, founder of the Jim Thompson silk

Ms, me and MV at the entrance of the silk house

me and the headless Buddha

Our guide who brought us around the house

The living room of the house

There are one part of the hse where we can play some simple interactive games and we can draw a pic of our fav ppl to post them at the post boxes provided in the room. The pic that we drew will end up with someone else we might not know at all from another part of the world. In return, we will receive a postcard from someone else who had posted what they drew into the post boxes. How interesting rite? It's such a good way to bring strangers from all around the world closer to each other.

our postcards..our fav person is drew on the other side of the postcard

Putting the postcard into the post boxes

We have to wear this to play the game. Makes us look like sumos

The Jim Thompson museum which is less than 10 minutes walk from National Stadium BTS

After lunch, we went to Klongsan market. More market visiting and more clothes and shoes and bags there. Me and DD decided to try out some of their local Thai food which we really do not know their names as we don't see them back in Malaysia and the seller only knows how to speak in Thai. So mainly we communicated through sign language.

A concoction of brown rice, carrots, onion, vegetables, chilli and a few other condiments

The concoction above is then wrap by this raw vege to be eaten

Next we found this desert stall that has many ppl queing. A queue always indicate that the food is probably good to attract so many ppl so we decided to give it a try. True enough, there were many pics of the stall owner with their local celebrities that had visited their shop and newspaper and magazine cuttings that introduced the stall.

Whats so special about this desert is that colourful glutinous rice balls are cook in a big pot of suagr water and eggs are also cook in this mixture. Then corn. water chestnut and sago are added to produce a bowl of the yummy desert.

Me and the owner

We had dinner at Siam Centre food court before going to the Calypso Cabaret Show which is 500 baht (about RM 50) per person. The Calypso Cabaret is said to be one of the best in Bangkok. It's a ladyboy (basically guys who dress up as girls or guys who literally underwent surgery to transform into females) show full of singing, dancing and acting. Actually i heard of Mambo cabaret show as well, but our hotel only reserve bookings only for the Calypso show.

The guys posing outside the toilet

Us at Asia hotel where the show is

The Calypso Cabaret show!

We were there early but most seats were already filled up

The first ladyboy who greeted the audience warmly

This was the worst part of the show that i didn't like. If you notice hard enough, you can see bananas dangling from the bikini bottoms of the ladyboys. And not only yellow bananas but also gold ones. Somehow, it kinda disgust me so I don't really enjoy this particular dance segment much

This was the funniest performer of the night

The ending of the show

At the end of the show, we were allowed to take pictures with the ladyboys. Most of them would asked for small tips but some would willingly take pics without having to give tips. Overall, the Calypso cabaret was really entertaining and interesting. We definitely enjoyed the 2 hours show. It was very colorful, very cheeky and very refreshing. 

We with the lead 'atress' of the night

The funniest performer

Before ending the night, we decided to hop all the way to Khao San, the backpackers district of Bangkok. Being a backpackers district, almost expectantly, Khao San is saturated with Caucasians and there are numerous pubs and bars along their street. I also saw many shops that actually do the hair braids but as things are generally more expensive here, the shops doing the braids are very expensive too. They charged like 150 baht per braid!

One of the roadside stalls selling bucket beers. Sorry for the poor picture quality

Busy Khao San street. It was a rainy night,so it kinda dampen our adventure around the area

to be continue...

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