Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sawasdee Bangkok 4

On the last day of our Bangkok trip, we went to the Chao Phraya river. We had heard so much about it especially during Geography studies where it supplies majority of the agriculture in Bangkok. For RM 12, we can buy a one day river pass as it saves more than buying the boat tickets at every stop. The tourist boat we took served nine piers and we can stop at any stop we want and need not pay for a subsequent amount of money with the one day pass.

Gers in the ferry

Houses along the river

These greenish looking leaves or veges are found floating all over the river.

The Memorial bridge behind us

Our 1st stop is the Ratchawongse Pier. We started walking around Chinatown under hot, scorching sun but out of the sudden, it was raining cats and dogs. The weather was really unpredictable.

We at the beginning of the market

Group pic at Chinatown

When the rain got smaller, we decided to leave Chinatown and stop by Tha Tien Pier. Once we got off the boat, we walked along and saw Wat Pho. It features the largest reclining Buddha and the largest collection of Buddha images in Thailand.

At the entrance into Wat Pho

The Reclining Buddha

There are writings and paintings at the sole of the foot

According to BS, these are graves for the monk. The higher the monk level, the taller their graves will be.

Then we took the ferry included in the one day pass to get across the river to the Temple of Dawn ( Wat Arun ).

A switch of role? haha..

@ the steep steps of Wat Arun

Me with the Temple of Dawn behind

make a wish..if the flowers drop while you are making a wish, the Thais believe that ur wish will come true

The wishing flower

My janitor-like-top with Wat Phra Kaeo at the back.

Another group pic at the exit point of the grand palace

Entrance of Grand Palace. We have to pay 250 baht to go in

The exit of the palace

Some crafts along the street

I finally saw a Thai boxing ring live along Khao San road!

We had lunch at Mc.D and its samurai mcpork..hehe..

Thai style maggi mee goreng

Thailand famous tuk tuk

This is a super huge Chupa Chups that i found in the duty free zone in the airport.

At the Suvarnarbhumi airport in Bangkok

Overall i pretty much enjoyed this trip. It's my 1st experience going overseas without my parent, so kinda excited. The sight seeing, market and ladyboy show are said to be fantastic but i don't think i can adapt to the real Thai food as well. I think their sugars are very well subsidized. *wink*. Well, the only thing i probably will want to visit the next time i go Bangkok will be Vertigo as we can't manage to go this time round, hopefully the weather will be kinder then.

Laa Gon Bangkok! :D

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