Saturday, May 10, 2008

Short Hometown Break

Me at Pendas Jetty in Geylang Patah

I shall keep this post short and sweet as i dont quite know how to start this post or what is the main content of it but im feeling really happy =). I was back in JB for the past few days to join the 'Save the Seahorse' programme and to spend some time with my family before going to Bangkok. BS was also down in JB this time but he spent most of his time in Sg.

I been quite busy lately, a lot of things to settle and to do, one of them being preparing for the talk on children's first aid to some of Ed's church members later. Although it's just a short talk, but this is the 1st time i'll be giving a talk outside of school, so i do feel a little nervous hoping i will not stammer or fidget too much later.

Clearing of stuff is still underway and there's also work to do for preparation for the upcoming health campaign. There seems like never ending stuff to do, accomodation in KT, the coming Japan tour etc etc, but hopefully things will get settle soon one by one. Then, i can truly enjoy my holidays. haha..

Neway, brought BS around JB for a day, bringing him to the usual place i usually go eat or rather, some of the nicest place in JB where one can find nice food..hehe.. I also got some donuts from Donut Factory in Singapore and some home made donuts dad brought home.

The peanut butter, vanilla, spicy cheese and orange flavor donut fr Donut Factory

Chocolate donuts fr DF

Strawberry, cream and chocolate flavor home made donuts

It's been so long since i last had this curry noodles so really glad to be able to ate it when i was back in hometown. This curry noodles are only sold in the morning at this corner coffeeshop known as Kee Kim Huat which is beside the Shell petrol station in Tmn Sri Tebrau. Usually there will be another stall selling this Singapore style prawn mee which i like too and in the afternoon, this coffeeshop will sell claypot chicken rice which attracts equally large number of ppl.

Look at the large piece of chicken and i tink their curry had a tinge of mum's curry taste :)

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Congratulation!! haha!

"some of the nicest place in JB where one can find nice food"

hahaha...i wonder what happened the last time around when u brought me to the nicest food in JB..LOL...But this timw can he say it's not nice? hahahhaa....cheers...=)

Everything looks so good. Thank you for your post...