Thursday, May 29, 2008

Triumph Inspiration Award

On our last night in KL, me, MS and Steph attended the Triumph Inspiration Award at Pavillion, KL. We got the invites to attend the event but even without invites, the crowd can watched the show from everywhere else in the mall. But with invites, we each received a goodie bag from Triumph containing a sexy, little T-back and supposed to dress according to their theme which was white with a tinge of red.

It's the Malaysia final whereby Triumph had tied with a fashion school or two for a designer contest of which the winner will be representing Msia in Beijing during the Olympic Games for The Triumph International Awards. The designer candidates are required to design an outfit whereby will also feature Triumph's lingerie prominently as well. There are 12 finalist altogether and i like lingerie no. 4 the most. So sweet! hehe..

Besides the finalist pieces, there were also lingerie collections by a few local designers with models such as Ms. Malaysia Astro 2007 and Amber Chia parading them. There were certainly more than enough eye candies for everyone that night. There was also performance by Jaclyn Victor. I think her voice became more powerful since she last won Malaysia Idol. Among others present were Andrea Fonseka who look stick thin in person, really tall and really thin and 8tv Belinda Chee. I enjoyed the whole show thoroughly, reminds of watching Project Runway which i have not watch in ages.

me and MS

Steph and me

Design no. 1..corset style

Design no. 2..MS's fav

Design no.3..quite nice also but the ribbons in the middle don't seem really practical

Design fav..sweet =)

Design no.5

Design no.6

Design no.7..this model has a tummy! Well, i dont plan to be mean but i suppose among all the models, lingerie models got to have the best body

Design no.8

Design no.9

Design no.10..not bad no.2 fav

Design no.11

Design no.12

Amber Chia in her cupid collection

Miss Malaysia Astro 2007..pretty rite?

Jaclyn Victor singing away..nice

There were 2 awards that night, the Best Audience Award voted by the audience and of course, the winner of the competition. Amber Chia will be wearing the winning lingerie in Beijing. The former award was won by designer no.8 and the winner was designer no.10! My 2nd fav..hehe..

Model no.8 and the designer

Model no.10 and the designer..the winner also received RM 5000

Prize giving ceremony

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