Monday, June 02, 2008

Attachment Day 1

I started my attachment at Clinic Dedap under Dr. Tay today. Me and JW are doing a one week attachment together there. As early as 9am, there were already patients and right up till lunch break, the queue of patients were never ending.

I think me and JW were very lucky because our first case is a male patient with 2 sebaceous cysts on his face. So, Dr. Tay did a minor surgery for him, draining the cysts and removed the capsules. We assisted him and he allowed each of us to do suturing for the patient. I can't believe that my first experience being in contact with real patients in a private clinic where patients pay and i'm given the opportunity to do suturing. I mean of course i had been in contact with real patients at Hosp Gombak and Pudu, but all we got to do was history taking and simple auscultation or palpation or percussion.

Besides, i had given two jabs, my first attempt at giving jabs too ; one on the arm and the other on the gluteus, in other words, the buttock. Today was a busy day at the clinic, and there was one patient with primary pulmonary hypertension and we had the opportunity to listen to his heart beat which is regular but faster and much louder.

I forgot quite a lot of drugs name dy, so really gotta work on that. Being attach in a gp clinic allow me to be expose to many different type of case. I think it's a very good experience and opportunity to prepare me for clinical years. Looking forward to tomorrow =)

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