Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Attachment Day 3

Today is 3rd day of my attachment. 2 Monash students were there too in the morning. I did more injections today and there was a male patient coming in with hemorrhoids and i got a chance to see how proctoscopy was being done.

I'll be taking my Cervarix jab tomorrow. In case you all are wondering what Cervarix is, it is a bivalent cervical cancer vaccine that helps protect against 2 type of human papillomavirus (HPV) that commonly causes cervical cancer. It does not 100% protect everyone from cervical cancer nor does it prevent all types of cervical cancer, but it at least protect girls and women against 70% of the cervical cancer cases. The other type of vaccine is the quadrivalent Gardasil one but it is currently more expensive and also out of stock so Dr. T encourages me to take Cervarix instead.

Girls and women between 9-40 years old are greatly encourage to get vaccinated. Cervical cancer is one of the leading cause of death among women, so gilrs and women, don't wait anymore. It's a very simple procedure, just go to clinics and request for the vaccine. It does not require any complicated surgery or procedure and ta-da, you are protected against HPV! Gardasil is given 3 times over a duration of 6 months and for now, it cost RM 1,200 to be completely vaccinated in Msia. However, in Aus, they are given for free as part of their National HPV Vaccination programme. Dr. Tay says women above 40 yrs old are not so encourage as this vaccines will not be so effective in older women. 

I hope the jab tomorrow will not be painful. And to think I have to take this vaccine for 3 more times! :)

One of the causes of cervical cancer includes HPV 16

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Are you sure the age is ranging from 9 - 40? My mummy ask me to confirm with you, can you let me know asap?Thanks!

How much is the jab costs? Where to vaccine? Is it painful? Any side effect? Hong long can it last? Is it life time?

Dear anonymous,

The age range of 9-40 yrs old was given by the doctor who administered the cervical cancer vaccine for me.

Currently there are two different type of HPV vaccine available in Msia, namely Gardasil and Cervarix. These two vaccines differ in the type of HPV they protect us against. For now, the complete vaccination will cost RM 1,200. You can request to be vaccinated at private clinics or hospitals. As other jabs, it will be painful for a while but for me, the pain lasted for 2 days. I'm not sure about Gardasil as i took Cervarix in the end and some side effects include vomitting, diarrhea, nausea, myalgia, itching, rash and headache. It is suppose to last a lifetime.

However, for more details and to confirm your inquiries, you can refer to your preferred DOCTOR. The doctor will explain to you all your worries and fears before administering the injection for you. But if you will like to take the jab with the same doctor as me, please leave me your contact details and i will contact you. The doctor that i went to is a very experience doctor and is well known for giving not painful injections. =)

for cardasil,
if not mistaken...

ya, that's the age range that is given by wikipedia but according to a gp i know, he said age between 9-40 is best to take the vaccine. Perhaps u can double check with your doc. =)