Sunday, June 15, 2008

IT Fair @ Suntec City, Singapore

I woke up really early yesterday to be able to reach ASC in time and despite the jam that was building up across the causeway, we managed to reach ASC 20 min earlier. Because of the jam, halfway across the causeway, many passengers had alight to walked instead. Me and my bro wanted to walked too but a few person b4 our turn to alight, the bus driver decided to closed the doors and not allowing anymore ppl to alight. Then suddenly there was an uncle near us who started sneezing real hard for a few times and to my disgust, he started blowing his nose and besides the unpleasant super tremendous loud noise fr blowing nose, mucus started flowing and he actually used his bare hands to wipe off the mucus thats dripping all over.

Now, the most disgusting as well as inconsiderate part had yet to come. With his BARE-MUCUS-LADEN HAND, he started wiping, yes, u read me right, WIPING the seats of the now almost empty bus. Not only once, but each time he used his hands to clears off the dripping mucus. I was about to offered him a tissue when he suddenly blow another great sneeze and let all his mucus dripped directly onto or in front of the seat he just wiped off his mucus-laden hand. God bless him. And almost instantaneously, he coughed up a huge volume of phlegm and spit it right at the same spot where all his mucus had been. Fortunately, we could all get off the bus by then. But just think about it. After we cross the pedestrian checkpoint, we will all go down the stairs or escalators and wait for same bus company bus that's heading the same destination as we 1st took it right?Well, chances are we mite all end up on the very same bus that we took initially or if there were many buses that day, it might be a different bus (but as long as same company and destination).

But point is, between where all passengers alight to cross the checkpoint and board the bus again, i'm almost 100% sure the driver had not got up from his seat to clean or disinfect his bus. So, the next passenger oblivious to what had happened earlier will sit on that very "potential" seat and whatever germs, bacterias, microbes ir viruses residing within all those mucus and phlegm will happily spread to this unfortunate person. This unfortunate person in turn will spread to another person unknowingly and the chain goes on. Besides the potential of spreading it another person, many microbes are spread through air borne too so all passengers are potential risk. This man became a super spreader!! We could all keep our public transport clean only if everyone make the effort and be more conscious about their actions.

The superspreader starts with 1 person (represented in the middle) and spread fr one person to another such as the spread of SARS

Neway, after dropping my bro off and buzz around with him till he left for the briefing session, i met up with Nor. It was the second last day of the IT fair at Suntec City so we both decided to go take a look at the very much heard of IT fair where impulse buyers are common. Ppl who are very tempted to shop for those IT stuffs even though they don't really need them. We reached Suntec City at about 11 am but the fair had not started so we walked around, to the Fountain of Wealth, the acclaimed largest fountain in Asia. We were in time for the make-a-wish session where we were taught to stretched out our right hand, made a wish silently as we circled the center of the fountain for 3 times. We went for lunch and it was just nice by that time. The fair had only started for about 20 minutes and you wondered if half of the population of Sg were accumulated at the exhibition halls.

Their IT fair is very much similar to our PC fair back home, in the context of the crowd, and the participating brands. But besides having better models, (last PC fair models in KL was really bad, most of them anyway), some of their items were sold at much cheaper price than what we can get back home. I did not checked out every single item nor did i noticed every single item price, but i did checked out Sony Cybershot T2 and it's only SGD 429 (about RM 986) with free gifts. I also checked out the Sony Vios which are selling for only SGD 1697 with free warranty etc etc. Their external harddisc are really cheap too. Perhaps this is one of the time, when u spent in Sg but don't feel that much Sg dollar-RM differences pain.haha.

At the 1st floor

These ppl were queuing for some free gifts that had apparently been fully redeemed. They were told the free gifts had been fully redeemed but they still stood on there and queued. Perhaps waiting for some miracle free gifts at the end of the line?

Me and Nor at the Fountain of Wealth..after we made our wishes

A closer up pic..took in the bus..

Fountain of Wealth in the day

Fountain of Wealth at night

I had dinner with my bro at Mos burger at Raffles City Shopping Centre. By the time we crossed the causeway and were back in JB, there were still a lot of cars going into Singapore. Perhaps it's because it's Fathers Day today. So just a shoutout to all daddies :

Bro and me

* Happy Fathers Day all great and honorable daddies *

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wah so fast u blogged! haha i cut my fringe le. no more emo look! wahahha

i wanna puke when i read your blog becoz i am drinking cendol now.Sooooooooooooooooooooo DISgusting! forgoodness sake, dont describe untill so detail about that sickening uncle in the bus.

THat pic you taken together with your bro is sweet and nice! sorry to had caused you that..and thanks =)