Saturday, June 28, 2008

Clinic Bar, Singapore

As a continuation to the above post, we also went to Clinic Bar at Clarke Quay for a drink. We wanted to have our dinner there at 1st because from their very-much-outdated website, the whole bar actually have a bar counter, a dance floor, and also a restaurant that uses the latest 'molecular gastronomy' technique in their cookings. But alas, now whats left is only the bar counter and the only food available are snacks. Nonetheless, since we were already there, we sat and had some drinks while relaxing at the clinic-themed-bar which has one section that have gold wheelchairs as chairs and another section that have sofas and those ward partitions that separate one table from the other. The bar counter still maintain the surgical lights and there was a surgical chair right in the middle of the bar(no pic of that as camera ran out of batt). The waiters and waitresses are not exactly dress like nurses but they wore those big green shirt that reminds me of the shirt i had to wear during the visit to the Royal Palace in Bangkok! haha..

Although they only occupy a section on the outside now, business weren't too bad either. Most of their customers were foreigners (we included..haha) as we were just simply attracted by their interestingness. Talk about how themed restaurants/cafes/bars can attract ppl these days.

The section that has sofas and partitions

We ordered some beer (cheapest drink i suppose there), orange juice and a 'sex on a drip'. It's actually a sort of cocktail which has a combination of gin, vodka, orange juice, raspberry juice and some other juices and alcohols. You know how those cocktails and mocktails names always sounded quirky and this is another one of it. I just wonder why they can't gv their drinks a more 'decent' name but then again, it's more humorous in a sense to gv them the quirky names. Neway, the 'sex on a drip' comes in a drip as it name suggest and it cost SGD 50 for that 150 ml of drip! Really expensive..After conversion that's like...............RM 118? Gosh..this kinda thing, try once in a lifetime enough. =p.. I tasted a bit, and honestly i felt it was nice. I mean i quite like the taste but then again, im not an alcohol person, so i don't know if it's really nice in the eyes of those who really knows how to drink alcohol.

Me with my orange juice :)

The golden wheelchair..our seats

'Sex on the drip'..really dripping from the drip bag

and its suppose to be drank like this..intra-oral instead of intravenous

"Nurse" (me) pushing the "patient"

And so coincidentally, my junior from high school is also working there as one of the waitress. Boy, was i surprised when she came up to me.

Sharon and me

Besides Clinic Bar, we went to MOS burger at Raffles Shopping Centre for lunch. Yea, its MOS again. I'm so in love with MOS burger especially their yakiniku rice burger (grilled strips of beef rice burger). My favourite burger of all time!! My fav among the fav topping McD, KFC, BK, Carls Jr, Wendy's..Why don't they open one in......KT? hahaha..(dreaming)

This is green tea ice cream..their latest desert.. Dd and JW actually managed to bluff me that it's the latest sauce to put on your burger!Cis

Yakiniku rice burger..eaten halfway

We also had fried mars bars from British Chippy Chicken opposite Donut Factory.

Instead of bars, it actually comes in ball shape with ice cream

We only managed to stroll along Clarke Quay for a while as we had to rush home in order not to miss the last bus. At the end of the day, i was tired from all the walking but happy. I guess it will be a long time more b4 my next trip to Singapore again. :)

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hi there. i am thinking of going to clinic bar. wonder how much is the food and drinks there ya? Was it expensive? AND how much is the orange juice? I'm not an alcohol person too. LOL

hi..1st of all, are you Malaysian? If you are, then it is quite expensive. The only food there are finger food and appetizer, so if you are looking for main course, then there's nothing like that on the menu. If i didn't rmb wrongly, the orange juice is about SGD 12/15. The beer is the cheapest, about SGD 8. :)