Sunday, June 29, 2008


I met up with some of my galfriends for lunch at Vivo, CS this afternoon. As we grow older, and we get more busy with our life, it gets tougher arranging a time where everyone can make it to gather.

But whenever we gather, as usual, there were the gossips, laughter, chats, 'bombing' and picture taking. haha..

Some of the ppl like Pang, HL, YH and M.E, i practically only sees them once a yr or close to a yr. Then, Pang is going back to Russia and HL is going off to UK. Even Nor is going off to Germany or some Europe country soon. And i'll be going to KT. It's like everyone is going everywhere and it's definitely even tougher to meet up. As we say goodbye, i left with quite a sad feeling because i don't know when is the next time i can see them again, perhaps a year later or more.

But, it's great meeting up today, although i missed my movies. :p There's like Wanted, Doomsday, The Nannies Diaries and Maid of Honor that i had not watched. I mean i dno which is actually really worth watching and which is just another junk movie but i guessed i just wna watched as many movies b4 going to KT. And what about Hancock which will be out when i'm in Kt? I's quite depressing when you are going to a state without cinema. So, if TGV or GSC or Mega Pavilllion or Cathay happen to stumble upon this post of mine, please open a cinema is KT asap or else all we have are downloaded movies! :)

Camwhoring time..HL, me and YH

Nor and me..must award her for being really fast and efficient at sending pics..I was checking my mail as i update this and she had already sent out the pics we took this noon..Really appreciate that. I really don't like waiting for pics, sometimes the pics will only come after 54321 yrs and some will nv come even after 987654321 yrs.

Us @ Vivo

Just acting silly

Earlier on at Starbucks

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dont feel down,okie! i am sure if you all are real friends ,you girls will be meeting someday ,somehow, somewhere in this small world.

nice meeting up girls.keep in touch!

Heys! So nice to see you gals met up! So many of you!!!! I wish i was there. Miss you all so much. All the best in your studies in KT k? Come find me in Pg whenever u free! hehe.

Oh, i think Made of Honor is a true chick flick comedy that every gal shd watch with her bf.. or gf also can; Get Smart is super hilarious; Nanny Diaries not worth watching in the cinema, can just download it; Wanted i heard was amazing! Everyone wants to watch it a second time; the Incredible Hulk has a better story line then the previous Hulk, and the action scenes were spectacular. If u loved Iron Man, this is the more romantic version of an action-hero movie. If you see The Bank Job in GSC anywhere, go catch it. It's like British Ocean's 11, but done by the most innocent ppl. Damn smart! Oh and, Hancock has a very bad review. Heard it was messy.

Hehehe.. I think i've been watching too many movies lately. haha.. =p

haha..certainly i will go find you if i do go down to Penang. :).. Neway, im impress with your reviews..Thanks ya darling, but here in kt no more cinema, so only left to the downloaded version.