Friday, June 27, 2008

Health Campaign Part 2

Our Public Health Campaign had officially ended last Sunday after 3 days of hard work. Months of sweat and troublesomeness were worth it as the health campaign was a success. Hurray! We started with day 1 and the flow was quite slow, more relax, and as usual the screening department was the busiest because of the FREE screening services provided. As publicity, we worked really hard on the 1st day to pulled kids for coloring contest and adults for the screening and to promote the campaign overall. As i was the only one on duty for the 1st day, in the end many non-publicity 'floaters' were also rob in to help in distributing the flyers.

Distributing flyers to passer-bys

Yea, the 1st mother whom i persuaded to registered her kids for coloring contest

There were also exhibitions on health related topics such as Cancer, Infectious Diseases, and Ischemic Heart Disease.

Besides the exhibit and pin ups, there were also students explaining to the public clearing their doubts and questions

Pathologic breast and breast model

There were also compounding demonstrations by the Pharmacy students. Usually, some curios onlookers will take some time off to understand, but majority of the rest weren't really interested enough as to how emulsions are made.

Compounding demo to shoppers

Some of the free screening services include blood glucose, cholesterol, blood pressure, visceeral fat and BMI tests. Results can be known on the spot and this was the busiest section as there are always people waiting for their turn.

Prickling the finger for blood cholesterol and glucose test

Visceral fat test

Taking blood pressure

Throughout the campaign, at certain time, there were also breast self examination ( BSE ) and CPR demos by either medical or pharmacy students.

Starting with BSE

Me showing the waiting crowd how to check the women breasts for lumps or abnormalities that can be felt

Next was CPR demo on the dummy. Each time, there were a few ppl who rotated to demo.

Lou checking for carotid pulse

Me giving the compression

To attract the crowd and more ppl, publicity came up with the idea of folding balloons and giving them away to kids. So, medical and pharmacy students learned how to be clowns too..hehe.. This really attracted the kids and in no time, the demand for the balloon exceeded the supply. Besides, most of the balloons were old balloons so they burst easily, so we can hear a lot of 'pop' sounds every few seconds.

Trying and learning how to fold the balloons into those cute dogs, teddies, mouse, flowers, swords etc

Me and the 1st rabbit i 'made' =p

Then, there was an expert in balloon folding who came by and showed us a few tricks

Finally, on the last day, it was the coloring contest, something publicity had worked really hard for. And voila, there were so many kids that turned up and some even registered on the spot. From our initial top 3 prizes, we instantaneously bought another 5 presents to add on for consolation prizes as there were just too many participants and we hope more kids can go home with a present.

The kids coloring away

Kids waiting nervously for the result to be announce

Top 3 prizes sponsored by UCSI

Consolation prizes

Organizers and the winners for Group B

Publicity team

The 3 publicity seniors

The campaign could only be a success owning to the hard work of each and everyone involved, from the director to assistant directors to the usherettes, all involve in the screening, exhibition, registration, and publicity (ahem) , site manager, lecturers etc etc. Practically everyday, we had insufficient of sleep, getting home late and having to wake up early in the morning. Besides, the long standing also made us very tired. But, seeing it a success and the friendship that develops is smt that makes it a bit sad that the campaign had to end so soon as we wont have more time to spend with each other b4 we move on to KT. Nonetheless, im very happy that i had decided to stay and be part of it . :D

Alvin, me and Lee Yen

Hurray! The whole team in bringing the success of the campaign

The clearing up was fast..much faster than setting up

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