Monday, June 09, 2008

Last Day of Attachment

Today is the end of my 7 days attachment at Clinic Dedap. It had been a really wonderful week. i learned so much more in this week. The experience and knowledge that i gained were really unmeasurable.

Mondays are always busy. There was one conjunctivitis case or more commonly known as red eye by many because the whole sclera is red. It is the believe of many that red eye can spread just by looking at the eyes of the infected person but FACT is it WON'T. It will only spread if one gets in contact with the tears of the infected person so hygiene is particularly important. Many babies came too to get their required vaccination. All the babies that came in today were absolutely adorable. All of them have round head, big, curious eyes and an innocent look. There were this one baby that came in for his hep B vaccine and he kept smiling until the doc started injecting and he cried for a few seconds before smiling again. Such a brave baby too as most babies will start to cry aloud the sec they saw the syringe. They can recognize the syringe! But i believe, 1 small syringe is a 'monster' to many, not only to babies but also to adults. Even some very muscular or big size man starts to tremble at the sight of the syringe. Alot of ppl are afraid of the pain, afraid of injection..haha.

Me doing suturing for a patient with sebaceous cyst on the face

Intramuscular injection on the deltoid

Intravenous injection of antibiotic

Me looking on as JW gives an IV injection

Nurses, Dr. Tay, me and JW

Dr. Tay is really a very kind, compassionate, good and nice doctor and teacher. No wonder so many patients love to go to him. Thank you, Dr. Tay. I certainly will like to go back for more attachments in future if we have the opportunity. :D

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Wow... Your practical looks really interesting. I wish i had more hands-on experience during my practical like yours. hahaha.. I can already see a great future doctor in you. Keep up the good work. Next time i come find you for free consultation can? hehe.. =P

hehe..thanks..u still in kl for ur internship? Till when? I'll be glad to be of service..=)

wah i can see my future doctor practising... goood good.. now i know i won't be the 'white mouse' next time whahahah :P

cant wait for weekend to come!!

wah, doctor Tay's son told me that doctor Tay said that you very proactive and keen to learn wor~~!
not bad wor~! hahaha!

good lar future great doctor!~~

hahaha..*shy shy* not great, im still learning and will do my best. :)

who is the IMU student there? stanley? hai liang? =p

haha..nope..its a girl not guy.