Friday, June 13, 2008

Making Curry Puffs

Yesterday, i learn how to make sardine curry puffs fr mum. The traditional curry puffs have mince beef with potatoes as fillings but these days, fillings for curry puffs varies from sardines to just potatoes and i ate some that have curry chicken and egg as fillings. So, it looked really easy making curry puffs, just put the fillings in the middle of the dough, close it up and start pressing the sides so that they have the curly appearance.

Well generally, that's how curry puffs are made. So, the question is, how come some curry puffs are nicer and more popular than the rest? Besides the dough ingredients, fillings, fire control and timing of frying the puffs, the skill of the person making the curry puffs is important too. If the person skill is not good enough, the fillings will be too little or the pastry will be overburn, or the fillings will even spill as you fry the puffs.

My 1st attempt really failed. I put one tablespoonful of sardine filling in the middle of the roll out dough that had been cut out and started to close the pastry. But unfortunately, the fillings started spilling out and i can't close the puff at all.

So, attempt no. 2, less fillings. Half a tablespoon and yeah! it's the perfect amount. I'm sure everyone of us have eaten curry puffs sold outside that has fillings only in the middle of the whole puffs and 80% are pastry. So, how little of fillings they actually use. The 1st few puffs that i pressed don't look nice also as in out of shape but practice makes perfect, so yea, at the end of the day, i still didn't make perfect curry puffs but much better than the 1st few attempts! hehe.. Of course, mum's ones are better looking than mine, but at least i know how to make curry puffs now! =)

Pressing the dough to make the curly sides

Frying the puffs in hot, boiling oil

This one fails..opened up while frying

Voila, delicious curry puffs..hehe..=p

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