Friday, June 27, 2008

NInja Jones @ Northpoint

I was at Mid Val sometime last week and DD and I decided to go to Ninja Jones at Northpoint (just oppo Mid Val) for lunch. Maybe because it had passed lunch time, the 2-storey restaurant was quite empty. The interior was really beautiful, giving off a very cosy and comfortable aura.

To enter the restaurant, we have to press a red button located at the side of the door and the door will slide open. Once the door opened, a ninja (waiter dress like one) jumped out and greet us. We were then brought to the 2nd floor of restaurant to look for a place to sit.

Entrance of the restaurant

The restaurant was dimly lit, bright enough only for you not to fall when you walk the steps and to be able to see what you are eating. The waiters were dressed like ninjas and the staff are really polite and friendly. The waitress even brought us for a 'tour' around their restaurant. There was a teppanyaki section downstairs and a teppanyaki set that includes kobe beef and seafood is about RM 188 for 2 pax! It's expensive due to the kobe beef. There are also private rooms that we can reserve for special functions and occasions.

In conjunction with the seafood festival in Hokkaido, Ninja Jones is having 15% discount for ala cartes till the end of this month. (except for wagyu beef). Dd and I decided to go for ala cartes and we ordered a bowl of wagyu, cooked medium raw. Wagyu beef are really expensive because wagyu cattles are genetically predisposed to intense marbling and have special diet such as beer and sake. Besides, they have higher percentage of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.

This bowl of wagyu grilled on the rock is really heavenly(although expensive). The beef is juicier and more tender and simply succulent

We also ordered this caterpillar roll..basically it's sushi with avocado wrapped around unagi and crab meat

Agedashi tofu

Grilled salmon set

Mango mousse for desert

Me and a ninja

I really enjoyed my meal that day, it was simply fabulous. It might be a little more pricey but the wagyu and the rest of the food there is definitely worth a visit. :)

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