Sunday, June 29, 2008

Singapore Flyer ; Build-A-Bear Workshop

Last Wed, Dd, me, and JW went to Singapore. We met up with another of their friend in Sg. Our 1st stop was the Esplanade, one of the landmark of Singapore. It was so hot dat day even sun block don't seem to have much of use.

The ever popular Esplanade

Then, we walked and walked till Raffles Place where they was a match of basketball on water that day. We took pic with the Merlion, another famous landmark of Singapore. Every time i bring friends to Sg, i felt like a real tourist..haha..

We with the eyes can barely stay open under the glaring sun

Since Fullerton hotel is located at the heart of Raffles Place, we dropped by for a visit...toilet visit..hahaha..perhaps when we have lotsa money next time then only can we gv the hotel rooms a visit..haha..

He and his ever 'brilliant' pose..=p

I don't kick them, i gv them a helping hand..haha

Next we walked back to Suntec City and then to the Singapore Flyer. It certainly looked near by bus but in fact, by walking, it's not exactly very near. On top of that, the weather wasn't favorable for walking. Luckily, we had umbrella! The Singapore Flyer is definitely larger and taller than our Eye-of-Malaysia it makes theirs look like a tomato and ours a cherry tomato. Of course, their Singapore Flyer, so called state-of-the-art can easily fit some 20 person in one and i heard the Singaporeans are just waiting for the first couple to be married in one of those VIP cabin. The entire cabin is made of glass and we can stand and walked around. The entire ride, as in to make one complete round, it takes approximately 30 minutes and it cost SGD 29.50 (of course it's more expensive compare to our RM 15 'cherry tomato').

@ the entrance

The cabins

Inside the flyer..right at the top where the next cabin is just almost parallel to ours

The Esplanade from the flyer..finally we can see the whole thing

View from different part of the cabin

Maybe we can see almost 70% of Singapore? haha..

So, after the 30 minutes ride, Dd saw this shop that looks like its designated for kids called Build-A-Bear workshop. Well, in fact, they are designated for kids and both adults, but when i walked in there, i felt like i had been transformed back in time. It's a shop where we can practically bring our very own soft toy (not only bears) alive, in other words, build our very own soft toy through a series of steps. It's very fun and enjoyable going through the process, makes me feel like a little girl once again..hehe..

Actually this is me bringing back my cute 'end-product'

At the counter, it was written this bear promise poem..supposedly what the owner have to promise their soft toy

Step 1 : A variety of soft toys to choose from..from monkeys to elephants to frogs to hello kitties to teddy bears of course..i was deciding between a huski and a white tiger because both look equally adorable and hug able to me.

Finally, i choosed the me bias for i love dogs more..=p..The huski all flatten out and 'lifeless'

Step 2 : The attendant of the shop will come and assist you. She will ask if you prefer a strong and sturdy huski in my case, or a more soft and fluffy one..i choose smt in between. Then, she started inserting wools into the huski until it became the desirable size

While she is doing that, i will have to step on the pedal...

..of this wool machine...

Step 3: We can insert one or up to 6 sounds at one time into our new friend. Some of the sounds include monkey chipping, dogs barking, 'i love you' and happy birthday song. We can also insert a heart beat for our soft toy to make them feel cool!

Step 4: After the sound inserting, i picked a heart from this tray of hearts

Step 5: i was asked to rub it over various part of my body, as instructed by the attendant, so that my new huski will possess qualities like mine..hahaha (seriously, that's what the attendant said)..Then the heart was also inserted into the huski together with the sound chip, heart beat and warranty card and the huski was sew up

Step 6: The sewn up huski, now fat and cute, going for a shower. I felt like a mummy taking care of her baby giving it a scrub and air blow it..although this is not smt alive..haha

Step 7: Then, i dressed my new 'baby'. There's even a dressing room section for the toys

Step 8: There are simply soooooo many clothes to choose from. You can decide the gender of your soft toy by buying them their outfit. There were tuxedos, bath robes, football suits, dresses, bikinis and so on and so forth. These bears outfits are so incredibly adorable i can't resist but at least choose 1 set for my huski. There are shoes too, not only clothes.

And there's also undergarments..both panties and briefs and even boxers for bears (soft toys)

Other beary accessories you can add on..bags, sunshades, purses, hats etc

Step 9 : The birth of a child is not complete without their birth certificate..and so is the birth of a toy. We were ask to make birth certificate for our new huski with this cute computer.

Step 10: So, we filled in certain particulars and our huski has got a name! Then the birth cert was printed out together with the bear poem. You see, it really make you feel like you are having a new baby baby huski with the fishing clothes i choose for him. So adorable rite? hehe

And baby huski got another baby! hahaha..a smaller version of the huski are also sold and there's a magnet that attach the smaller one to the bigger one like this. Double cuteness! (you have to agree with me it's CUTE..haha)

I totally had a good time at the Flyer. Good memories too..hehe.. ;D

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wahhh i think im taking sg for granted; u did EVERYTHING i'd nvr done here although i'd been here for so long?? wuahahaha... maybe i shld ask u for directions to sg flyer la i m not even sure how to get there :P


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