Saturday, June 28, 2008

Sunway Lagoon All Parks

While i was back in KL last week, i also managed to squeezed in a day to go to Sunway Lagoon with Dd despite our busy schedule. The theme park only opens at 11 am but at about 10.30 am, there were already ppl queuing at the ticket counters. There were quite a number of kids too, despite now being not a school holiday. I wonder if those kids are from Msia or they skipped class to come and have fun..haha..

Neway, we bought an 'all park' entrance ticket and with Mycard, the entrance fee is cheaper compare to the amount foreigners have to pay. The last time i went to Sunway Lagoon was about 2 years ago, back then, they only have the water and amusement park. But since they added the wildlife, scream and extreme park, i had not been there. I was quite looking forward the extreme park as i read from their website that they actually have quite a number of motorized water sports such as jet-skiing, wake boarding etc.

But, it was pretty much a disappointment at the Extreme park as all the motorized water sports had been closed down, i don't know if it's close down only temporarily or for good. As for paintball, we will have to pay RM 30 to play it and the the compound is really small. What they show on their website is certainly deceiving. But neway, we managed to get our hands on on whats remaining at the park. We tried target-shooting, all-terrain vehicle (ATV), kayaking, rock climbing and flying fox. Well, the flying fox is the most adrenaline pumping activity among the rest i would say.

Target shooting

ATV..i thought they will at least br us into some jungle trails but they just brought us to round a small part of the park


Safety measures for flying fox

Ready to fly!

Rock climbing..despite their short height, it's not easy to climb as the rocks are located pretty parallell

We also went to the amusement park for the 360degree pirates ship and tomahawk which left us screaming in laughter and the roller coasters.

Pirate's revenge..the safety bar that pressed against our chest is really tight that it's not comfortable

Then we went to wildlife park. We were allowed to pet some of the animals there such as the tortoise, guinea pigs, rabbits and skink. There are also a variety of bird species, white monkey, iguanas, foxes and wolves.

Mr. tortoise

Dd petting the skink..too bad it did not show its blue tongue

Carrying the guinea pig

The signboard says it all..

We spent the rest of the time at water park, which i think it's the best part of Sunway Lagoon. We skipped the scream park as i was too afraid to go into the haunted houses. It's not just one haunted house but 4-in-1 so if u get wobbly at the end of one, u can't actually back off and had to go through all four. I just can't bring myself to do it. It started raining heavily late afternoon, so we went ice skating at Sunway Pyramid instead. I know the techniques are similar to roller blading but skating on such slippery surface and the risk of your thumb being decapitated if you fall makes me afraid to let go to go alone, so thats why i preferred to hold on to someone. Thankfully after a few rounds, I managed to skate quite well on my own.hehe. :)


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hi i'm syah..

it's sunway lagoon season pass!
adult(all parks)= RM388/year *normal price=RM72/day
family-2adult,2children(all parks)= RM1058/year *normal price=RM256/day

anyone interested plz gimme a call/sms..
03-56390000(sunway office)

*free entrance for you and 40% discount for additional friends(6 max) for the whole year!
come everyday also can.. :)
plus 50% discount for any sunway room rates and lots more!

hi girl,

i wondering that if i buy all part ticket, am i still need to pay when playing ATV ,paint ball or jet boat???

hi anonymous, when i went last time, there was no jet boat at all and apparently there close down the jet boat already. As for paintball, you will have to pay some additional fees for rental of equipment and for ATV it is included. ;)