Thursday, June 12, 2008


"A CRISIS always brings out the best or worst in human nature. What a person does or says in reaction to a calamity is a true reflection of his or her character."

Well, i did not exactly met with a crisis today, but this afternoon, something happened enough to let me see the true colors of a bunch of ppl. In fact, i believe species like them can be found in abundant in our society. Thank God, they do not invade our society by a 100% yet. Fortunately they are still kind souls and good samaritans around but today i'm not so lucky to meet the kind ppl. This kinda useless species are term W.T.P.B. (Worst-than-pig-brainers)

I was at Guardian HP with xx when she suddenly fainted and vomited. I stayed with xx to give her support and just in case she faints again or falls into unconsciousness. Besides she wanted me to be there with her. By that time, the salesgirl and security guard came on and as typical unhelpful Malaysians, they just stood around me and became those nosy-yet-can't be of any help onlookers.

I wanted a piece of tissue to helped cleaned up xx and the pool of vomit but neither me nor xx had any tissue papers with us, so i kindly ask those W.T.P.B if any of them hv any tissues anot. They all just shook their head.

So i then said, " Boleh dapatkan saya sekeping tisu? " translated to be " Can you please get me a piece of tissue?'

W.T.P.B. replied me , " Kena bayar dulu. " translated to be " Have to pay 1st. "

I replied, " Nanti saya akan bayar. Boleh guna dulu? " translated to be " I will pay later. Can i use 1st? "

W.T.P.B. then walked away and started mumbling " Kalau dah nak pengsan, duduk rumah la.. Buat apa nak keluar etc etc " ( If you are going to faint, sit at home-lah, don't come out etc etc ).

No wonder they are just security guards and salesgirls. (Sorry i don't mean to offend all the security guards and salesgirls, in this case, i meant THE security guard and salesgirls and oh ya, the pharmacist as well working in Guardian HP).

If a person already feel like fainting at home, of course they won't go out of the house unnecessarily in the 1st place. If you hv a headache or don't feel well, you won't want to go shopping in the 1st place rite? You just want to take ur Panadol or painkillers and sleep at home or go c a doc. If everyone knows when they are going to faint, first-aiders won't have to learn about coping with fainting casualties in unforeseen circumstances either. But they are W. T. P. B. So, can't blame them.

For pits sake, i'm with a sick person, whose face had gone completely pale and skin cold and clammy, who needed me to be with her so i can't make my way to the stupid payment counter and made my payment just yet, not till she is well enough to be able to sit up on her own again and is better.

They insisted i had to pay 1st (they shd watch Just Follow Law) but because they are W.T.P.B. who don't really have a heart and mind the stinking smell fr the vomitus, they refused. So, i can't get away and i can't pay and i can't have my tissue papers. FINE with the tissue papers.

xx rested there for another 10 minutes or so and she finally felt good enough to be able to stand on her own feet and at least able to walk, so we both were about to leave. I wanted to bring her to the clinic asap and out of the place as im afraid she will faint again. I did feel paise about the mess she created but wth, i wanted tissue papers fr u all and u all din want to gv it to me. Then, got this Chinese aunty came up to me and quickly passed a piece of rag to me and said, " This is for you to clean up."

Me to aunty, " I'm very sorry but i nd to br xx to the clinic (xx still staggers and looked extremely pale). Can you please ask the cleaners to clean up? ( Besides, their earlier bad attitude had make me quite 'pek-chek'.)

Aunty to me, " We don't have cleaners here. Nobody cleans the place. "

At this point, i don't know if i should laugh out loud at the absurdness of what she says. I mean like LOL, if nobody cleans up the place, do you mean to say since opening (which is like 10 yrs ago), nobody ever mop the floor or anything? Then all cobwebs and dust must be really well camouflage.

Point is, she is probably the one that will end up cleaning if i were to leave with xx right then, so she is just lazy and unwilling to do that and wanted me to do it. And of course, ppl don't particularly like cleaning up other ppl mess. Well, maybe i shd had been more 'ganas' then. I looked at xx and she assured me she was feeling much better already so i just cleaned up the place for her. While i cleaned up, the aunty promised she will look after xx for me, but after i came back from rinsing the cloth, that old aunty had disappeared.

W.T.P.B. have no heart and no sense of responsibility as well. Today i seen a bunch of ppl with no sense of helpfulness, kindness and compassionateness at all and this really saddens me. Do they need to wait till the same thing occur to them b4 they move fr just nosy-yet-can't be of any help onlookers to a pair of helping hand in future?

The society truly craves for more kind souls and good samaritans.

P.S There is truly no discrimination against any race in the above post.

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im really in disbelief right now, how can such HUMANS still exist in the society? stand and look. PUIII! what the hell man, i would have just scream my head off at them IN PUBLIC!

you shld write to The Star, and state clearly the pharmacy you were at and the kind of staff they have. not only are they not able to help, making crude remarks like that just portray how immature some people are. Or maybe they are just less educated I should say.

i hope xx is well by now.

WTPB?? lol..u must have been relly piss while blogging about it.haha..

is there any other words then W.T.P.B??? there r worst than WTPB

proud of u...
then u did send xx to clinic???

Thanks for concerning, XX is much better by now. =)

Yup....i very agreed what norven mentioned there, should write to star or any mediums to let everyone knows about the! that inhuman old hag, she must be having mental disorder problem. No worry girl, she will get her retribution soon.