Saturday, July 12, 2008

Exploring KT on a Saturday

I spent Saturday afternoon going for lunch with S and MS at Chuan Kee Hainanese chicken rice shop oppo BSN. This shop is recommended by one of the food blog that i read, so we decided to go try it out. From what i heard, Hainan chicken rice originated fr Terengganu itself! So, all the other Hainan chicken all over Malaysia started fr this small town. Verdict : I like the rice. Can say one of the nicest in KT i suppose. The rice is fragrant and the chicken is tender and boneless.

Chicken rice

The chicken

After lunch, we decided to go look for mine and Sarah's traditional costumes for our AMSC. We also wanted to look for more souvenirs to exchange with other delegates fr our group. We walked along Chinatown and we saw some very nice batik cheongsam but we can't find a nice kebaya. The weather is extremely hot today and without sun block, im sure we will be little Africans at the end of the day!

Us at the famous Chinatown trademark

As we walked, we also had some steam keropok lekor. I guess only in Terengganu we can find steam keropok lekor as well as the fried ones.

Steam keropok lekor...also known as 'kao-sai' or dog shit...know why? use some imagination..hehe

'Kao Sai' with chiili sauce

After not able to find any nice kebaya around Chinatown, we decided to move on to another place.. So off we head to Bazaar Warisan, which is 5 min drive fr Chinatown.

Me and MS at Bazaar Warisan

The sea from where we stand

This is at about 5.15 pm but look at the sun reflection! the funny thing is the moon is also up while the sun is still shining brightly away!

In the evening, me and DD went kite flying at Pantai Batu Buruk or also known as the Beach of the Ugly Stones.. hehe.. The wind is really strong despite the sun so its easy to fly the kite. It's fun flying kite by the sea, feeling the warm sands, sea breeze and cool water (just forget the part that it's not clean) as the sun sets in the horizon.

Kites sold along the beach

My kite

Hurray, up up in the sky

Sunset at Beach of the Ugly Stone

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WAH,NICEeee and colourful kites !

Trengganu is also famous for batik material and it is much cheaper than other parts of Malaysia.If i am not wrong, its all done by hands for its design.

Guess Trengganu is a place with all nice beaches.Neway, nice picture gals.'s a nice relaxing place to get away to unwind fr the hustle and bustle of the concrete jungle. Thanks =)