Sunday, July 13, 2008

Start of Clinical Year

Today i started my 1st day at the hospital; Hospital Sultanah Nur Zahirah (SNZ), Kuala Terengganu. The hospital is not very small, slightly smaller than Hospital Sultanah Aminah in JB. I started with internal medicine posting which will be rotated after 7 weeks. We were introduced to 2 other doctors, Dr. A and Dr. R fr the hosp, who will guide us in this 7 weeks. I start my 1st 2 weeks in a female ward on the 8th floor. The female ward is not as congested as the male ward a floor below.

I was quite excited to start my ward duty despite knowing that i don't know anything at all, but im quite eager to learn and hope that i can get to do ABG, IV, IM, drip setting etc etc hands on soon, just like at Dr. Tay's clinic. After reporting to the head nurse and doctor in charge, we were told to stick ourselves each to one houseman by Dr. A. However, all the housemen and doc are busy and there were 2 other medical student attaching there as well, one fr Ireland and the other fr MMA. So, after following them around for a few beds and barely knowing what they are talking about (and they got no time to explain to u either), we decided to do clerking on our own. We interviewed some patient but had not done physical examination. However, i did finger prick for the glucose level test and i learn a few abbreviations today that sounds so foreign to me this morning.

After lunch, some of us went for CME, not all of us could go as we nd to take turns while the rest of us went to the library. It was reali hot in the wards so the library is really inviting as it has aircon. We ended the day with a lecture on HTN and I.H.D. It was a long day, with more ward duties for the next few weeks. Being justs a medical student, we are probably the lowest ranking in the hosp. So, we can only carry a positive attitude, hoping the docs or hseman will be more free tomorrow to teach us more and hv more opportunities to try hands on on more procedures. =)

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yo!! happy starting clinical years wei.. =D hehe.. enjoy ur life lo.. go redang edi!! if i ever go there i'll cari u la.. n nice hair cut.. hehe!

haha..good luck in ur coming exam oso..and thanks =)