Saturday, July 26, 2008

Tokyo Part 1

My grp members

I'm right now at the lounge of the National Olympic Memorial Youth Centre online using their LAN cable. Yeap, being so advance in technology, they don't have wireless here. It's really really hot here and with the new 'team minus 6%' goal the Japanese are striving to achieve, air conditioners are tune to 28 degree celsius. Hotness like crazy.

We arrived at Narita Airport like about 725 am local time but we finally onli left at bout 11am. So, our plans for today got to be canceled. We were introduced to our group members and played some games. Then, the OC organized a welcome party for all delegates where we stand around our table to eat. There's no chair provided. I also had my 1st experience bathing in a public bath, having my 1st public bath with Christy. It's quite awkward initially but after a while, it was ok. haha.. After our country meeting at night, me, S and some other UKM and UM delegates head off to Shinjuku. All the shops are literally closed so we only walked around.

It's been a lot of fun today, getting to know a lot of ppl fr diff nationalities and experiencing diff culture. 2moro is gna be another busy day. And hopefully, we can squeeze in more sightseeing..hehe.

@ Shinjuku

xoxo fr Tokyo! =)

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Hi.... Allison,

Your blog appears, much to my excitement when I did a search on AMSA.

Send my regards to my daughter, Lim Sze Wern from UKM.

Hope u guys truly enjoy yr trip to Japan.


The european guy in your first pic is cool...attack! hahahaha.

hi auntie..i will send your regards and we dont 'attack' ppl! haha..

haha alli oh my that chee keong in your picture from UM?

the european guy...which is australian is alistair hustig, fyi. =P

yaya..of course i noe..he's my groupmate =)

it's so cool to be able to go japan... me next yr.. I HOPE! BTW alli, my blog is <- ok?