Sunday, August 31, 2008


While someone someplace in this world is fighting to live, someone else is thinking of ending their life.

While someone just collapse from a heart attack, someone else is upset because they got a pimple on their face.

While someone just gain a love one, someone else just lost a love one.

While some parents are hoping to have children of their own, some other parents just abandon their children.

While some children wish that they have parents, some rather run away from their parents.

While someone wishes that they have ppl to keep them company and talk to them, someone else wishes that he/she will be left alone.

While someone wishes that they had never gotten angry with a another person, someone else just became angry with another person.

While someone will be happy with just a grass from the field, someone else is still sad that she only receives 100 roses.

While someone is happy to even have a cloth on his back, someone else is throwing a tantrum because they have to wear the same clothes twice.

While someone is happy with a penny, someone else is unhappy with a billion dollars.

While someone is counting their lucky stars for a grain of rice, someone else is throwing away a thousand more grain of rice.

While someone is grateful for even a drop of water, someone else just waste a litre of water.

While someone is glad to just have a roof above their head, someone else is complaining that their 5 storey mansion is still too small.

While someone is glad to have legs to move himself around, someone else is not satisfied even after having ten cars.

Life is a wonderful gift yet paradoxical,
Life is vulnerable yet invincible,
Life is full of surprises yet short,
Appreciate all the little things you had in life,
Love people who still love and care for you,
Spent less time getting angry over petty issues,
Over things that don't even need to be angry at,
When you think that you are in a terrible situation,
Someone else out there is prob having a worse one.
Be glad of what you have and what you had.
You are lucky if you still have a family, have your parents around, have your children around,have your friends around,
If u have a stable job and enough food and drinks and a roof above ur head,
If you still can laugh and talk and feel annoyed.

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hi allison, you sound sad .