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Tokyo Part 2

Ohayoo gozaimasu! It's been some time since i last blog. It's been 1 week plus since i came back fr Tokyo and i had been really BUSY, bUsy, buSy since then, rushing to finish up case reports, presentations, on calls (so happen that i had to go on call twice last wk) etc etc but finally this wk, things are getting less busier and i had time to update my blog =). Celebrated 2 birthdays in the past 1 week, one my sweet DD's bday and the other was my lovely hsemate + coursemate + chi mui bday.

I know this 1st part is totally unrelated to Tokyo or Japan but this place is really nice by KT standard and i just thought i will blog about it..hehe.. Me went with DD to this restaurant called Desa Restaurant in Motel Desa. Motel Desa is located a bit up the hill, so we can see Terengganu town from the restaurant. But the whole restaurant was empty, perhaps because it's a Tues and the waiter said they usually have more ppl coming in after 9pm as they have a live band playing then. Neway, overall, the ambience is pretty nice, open air, not air conditioned but it was cooling enough and the food is good. It's not exactly very cheap nor expensive and there are better Western food in KL but i supposed in KT, this is one of the nice place you can go for nice food and nice atmosphere.

Mushroom soup and bread for appetizer..i like the way they cook the soup- thick and creamy

Prawn cocktail

Grilled fish..they use tenggiri instead of the usual dory

Chicken chop

This is called fireball.. its actually fried ice cream with whipped cream and strawberry sauce

We can see HSNZ fr there

The night before, we went out with some of our other coursemate for seafood at this Malay restaurant with this big 'ikan bakar' sign located under the bridge.

After dinner..some of the others had left for on call duty

For MS's bday, we went to Puri Bali which is actually really near to Wisma Tenang and the hosp for dinner. The food there is a fusion of Bali and Western food, it has almost the same style of deco, cooking and pricing as Bumbu Bali in KL.

My other 2 lovely hsemates

Ok.. now comes the Japan update =D.. Basically we had a week of conference which was filled with all sort of activities and parties and visits and discussions which was absolutely awesome and fun. The 2nd day started with the opening ceremony. We were all required to wear formal, as in really formal (diff country has diff definition of formal) and after breakfast, we all gathered in the auditorium for the ceremony. Speech after speech was delivered and finally they pulled the string and officiated the 29th Asian Medical Students Conference in Tokyo.

Terrific tens in the auditorium

Officiating the conference..among them Waka (chairperson of the OC) and Alessandro Demaio (overall chairperson of AMSA international)

After lunch, we had group discussion about healthy and unhealthy food, in which we were to introduced popular food in our country to the others and discuss about their nutritional value. We were also introduced to the 'healthy man' logo which they use in Japan to identify food that are better for health.

During grp discussion

Tea sampling

At night, we were brought to Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building in Shinjuku for the Opening Reception.

Waiting to go up the 45th floor

From the observation area on the 45th floor,we can have a panaromic view of Tokyo and the beautifully illuminated buildings at night.

Tokyo in the evening

Beautifully illuminated buildings that light up the city at night

Magnificent view

Everyone crowd around the all the tables for food

Some of the Msia delegates with Alessandro

They entertained us with some Jap traditional music during the reception

Me, Waka and Sarah

After the reception, we still feel very excited to explore the city. So, we head off to Shinjuku once again, this time almost the whole Malaysian team went together. So many ppl walking together, like a sch excursion in primary sch..haha..

We accidentally sat at this privileged seats on the train

Shinjuku street

B4 ending the day, i had a macha azuki which is green tea plus red bean ice cream. The ice cream was really good. I love the way both the green tea and red bean taste blend in together.

Azuki macha ice cream fr the convenient store

We started day 3 with breakfast on the bus, which was 2 rice balls and a packet of green tea.

Rice ball wrapped in seaweed

We spent the whole day at Tokyo University for the paper presentation competition which Msia won 3rd. Well done! Tokyo University is a very old uni with most of the old buildings still being preserved and kept very well. The uni is very huge compare to UCSI and really clean. Students there rode bicycles and even motorbikes around.

The the main gate of the uni to the main building
Main building where the auditorium is located

Another part of the felt so nice to walk around there

Terrific tens on stage after the competition ended

It was Sunday so i wanted to go to Harajuku to see if im lucky to spot the cosplay or Harajuku girls. Thus, despite raining, we still went ahead to Harajuku. We went to Takeshita Dori, the focal point of teenage culture in Tokyo, lined with a lot of trendy stores, fashion boutiques, fast food outlets and crepes stand.

Look at our transparent umbrella..only useful for rainy days

One other thing that is really popular in Harajuku are their crepes. Honestly, if u ask for less whipped cream like i did, the crepe was simply so fabulous (for those who dont like cream neway). It makes u wna taste all of it. However, it's about 450 yen which is like almost RM 15 for one!

Assortment of flavours

Strawberry and cheesecake crepe that me and Sarah shared

It was a very good place for shopping too because things there are cheap compared with any other part of Tokyo. On top of that, the summer sales makes shopping simply irresistable there..haha.. Before we finally head back for country meeting, i managed to spot a few Harajuku girls on their way home. Most of them on cosplay are only there in the morning till afternoon. So, its kinda hard to spot any at night.

A pic with the Harajuku girls..excessive make up, elaborated dressing and wig and they are all only 14-16 yrs old..smt u dont get to see often (if any) in Msia..hehe

After country meeting, i was so tired i was ready for bed and for the next day. :)

to be continued...

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