Saturday, August 16, 2008

Tokyo Part 3

Weekend passed so quickly. But in here, weekend is usually spent staying at home, cleaning up the hse, cooking, grocery shopping, online, watching downloaded movies, finishing up case write ups or presentations if any and maybe a walk to the beach or kite flying. Neway, back to more Tokyo updates.

On the 4th day, we started with a session in the auditorium where 70% of the people doze off especially with the lights dim. Booths were also set up outside the auditorium by some countries, Msia being one of them. Each booth was set up base on the creativity of the delegates fr that country itself in order to attract others to visit their booth in order to promote their country and also to let others know about their country pre-conference activities. I find the Indonesian's booth most creative. They were giving out souvenirs and had their traditional costumes on display and try on by delegates fr other countries.

Me @ the Indonesian booth in one of their batik costume

The Australian booth had their iconic kanga

HK booth had all their pictures pasted making it very colorful

Malaysian booth

After lunch, we proceed on for hospital visit. Our group visited the National Hospital of Tokyo which is 30 minute drive from NYC. We were given a brief introduction by the hospital management and was then brought around the A and E department, outpatient clinic and research department. We were given 10 minutes at each department.

A & E department

National Hosp of Tokyo

We had our cultural night that night where every one of us were supposed to wear a traditional costume. Most of us wore our country or race traditional costume. I wore a cheongsam that night. It was a loose type one though, not the tight fitting, body hugging type that portrays very inch of ur silhouette. There were also performances by delegates from countries such as Malaysia, Australia, Jordan, UK, HK, Cambodia, India, Mongolia, South Korea and Thailand.

The Australians with their Hawaii-Five-o dance and it was crazy performance

Beautiful Mongolian dance

The Malaysia performance were divided into 3 different type of dance. The Sumazao and Zapin as the 1st and last dance respectively.

Sumazao dance by the UMS students

2nd part of the dance

Zapin by UKM students

The HK delegates came up with something a little unusual, the girls did kungfu and the guys did chinese dance with handkerchief.

Guys fr HK performing

I think the best performance for the night is from the Indonesian delegates. They did a dikir barat at the end and then the guys started moving up and down and shook hands and cross hands and a lot of hand movements and coordinations are required but yet, they managed to pulled it off very successfully and it was fantastic.

Dikir barat by the Indonesians

The South Koreans did a performance of how a guy and girl should date as taught to them in school while they were in primary 1. It seems every Korean boy and girl knows it.

Dating games

The UK performance was not bad, it was quite entertaining with them mimicking Amy Winehouse, Spice Girls and Mika. They have guys dressing up as girls too.

Fr the UK

Me with my GMs

Cheongsam, cheongsam and cheongsam

With pretty Jap girls in yukata

Most of the Malaysia delegates.. most of them wore baju Melayu or kebaya or batik top which makes them look like a Datuk

A combo of traditional costumes

More pics with the Taiwanese, Japanese, Mongolian, Thais and Indonesians

and even more..

With the Korean girls

with delegates fr India

I truly enjoyed each and every performance. It was a very colorful night, and it was a lot of fun seeing so many ppl in so many type of traditional costumes. The cultural night was one of the best part of the conference to me. =)

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