Sunday, August 17, 2008

Tokyo Part 4

Throughout the conference, we had one day of sight seeing around Tokyo. Actually, it was supposed to be our field trip for the 1st half of the day but since our field trip was to go to Takashimaya in Shinjuku, we had one whole day of sight seeing. :D

We went to Takashimaya and were brought to the grocery floor where we were given the task of searching for any 2 food which had the 'healthy man' logo which indicates food that are better for health. After finishing our task, it was our free time to walked around Takashimaya. So, we walked around Tokyu Hands, the largest departmental store tenant in Takashimaya. Things in Tokyu Hands are very creative and interesting not forgetting cute. However, the things there are pretty expensive too. A kettle average price is RM 180 for one and its not made of gold or platinums or diamonds.

Healthier salad dressing

Me and Christy at the entrance of Tokyu Hands

Cute kettles

Moulds that definitely make food appear more appetizing to kids

Clocks that tick backwards

Rubberbands in animal form?

All the girls taking a pic b4 leaving

Then we head on to Lumine which is beside the Shinjuku station for lunch and more shopping. But, stuff here are also way to expensive for good shopping.

Departmental store in Lumine

Some of the other interesting stuff are like these collagen waters

and a spoon that floats midair

Me and Ijlee decided to go for buffet as our lunch so we had our lunch at Platinum Buffet which had a chocolate fountain as well.

Choices of food include Italian, Chinese, Western and Japanese. The green colour drink tasted horrible

But their deserts are good..especially the chocolate fountain..hehe

After lunch, we went to Asakusa, the old part of Tokyo. We went to their most famous Sensoji temple and the Nakamise shopping arcade. The Nakamise shopping arcade is definitely a very good place to look for souvenirs. They have all range of souvenirs and colorful knick-knacks, from keychains to handphone chanins to toys, postcards and delectable variety of food. I really wish i had 10000 yen just to buy up all the candies that come in extremely cute shapes and snacks that are available there. There are also yukatas for sale. The things here are not very cheap but they are kinda more affordable. However, diff stores offer diff prices here so its better to be slow in buying then making hasty purchases.

Kaminarimon gate from across the street

We take a group pic 1st at the famous huge lantern of Sensoji

Nakamise shopping arcade

33 flavors of ice the green tea flavor

Hello Kitty's dorayakis

Doraemon dorayakis

Rice crackers

Jap dolls keychains

Sumos, Jap trademark sport

Among other knick-knacks
At the end of the street is the Hanzomon gate. Once through the gate, we saw large wooden fortune telling stands where people who got bad luck tie their papers for the bad luck to be blown away.

First, select a stick from the metal cylinder. Then base on the number written at the end of the slip, look for the drawer with the same number and take a slip of paper from that drawer with your fortune told on it

Mine is not a bad luck slip but i didn't know that only ppl with bad luck are suppose to tie, so well..

The large incense burner where ppl waft incense towards themselves as an act of purification

The five storied pagoda

After wheezing through Asakusa, we head on to Tokyo Tower where our GMs bought us tickets to go up to the 1st floor observation deck. From there, we can see the whole of Tokyo in the Odakyu prefecture and Mt. Fuji can be seen on a good day. But, it was a very hot day dat day so we cant see Mt. Fuji.

Tokyo Tower

Our tickets to go up the 1st floor

Some of the great view fr the tower

Tokyo is so compact with skyscrapers and buildings

Concrete jungle

There's also a glass panel observation floor that we can look down

As days draw closer to the end of our conference, we got more and more attached to each other. Time was just too short. So, we bought back some drinks and snacks that night and hung out at one of the lobby in the NYC to play games and talk and drink. The guys drank neway and some of the girls who can. I only took some cocktails and Coke the whole night.

Actually, it was a whole table full of drinks of different sorts but they hid half of it under the table

While waiting for the guys to come back with the drinks and food

It was a long day but it was really good and really happy. =)

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