Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tokyo Part 7

After all our group discussions and field trip, it was finally time for us to do a group presentation to summarize up our activities and the things we learned. While most other groups did the usual powerpoint presentation, our grp did a sketch. Everyone was involved and it was freestyle. It was fun and i believed we managed to wake everyone up..haha

Terrific tens

After one whole morning of grp presentation, it was time for lunch. Japanese really loves rice, they have rice in every single one of their meals.

Smoked salmon and tempura.. definitely filling..

After lunch, we moved on to do our community service at one of the elderly home which was pretty far fr NYC. I can't rmb where was it though as we transferred many lines and walked quite a distance.

@ the elderly home

We did some performances at the elderly home to entertain them. Then, we move around to talk to them. Although most of them can only understand and speak Japanese and just as much as we don't understand what they are saying, i guessed they do not know what we are saying either. However, we communicated through hand gestures and signals. That was when i wished i know how to speak their language. If only language wasn't a barrier, im sure there are a lot of interesting stories to hear and theres so much that i want to share with them as well.

This is one of the more talkative aunty who chatted with us and show us the craftwork she made during her free time

The craft ball the aunty made

Me and Christy on our way to the elderly home

At the train station where Kiki fell asleep

After community service, we head off to Harajuku Takeshita-Dori for more shopping. Seriously, we were deprived of shopping during our almost 1 week stay here. There were so many people at Takeshita-Dori that day.

In Harajuku, the few things that one must do when visit to this place are :

1) taking photo stickers as they are really cheap; 6 pieces for onli RM 9.

2) Try the Harajuku crepes. Refer to Tokyo Part 2

3) Look out for cheap Roxy slippers and other notable brands that sell for cheaper than elsewhere prices

4) Watch out for Harajuku girls and ppl dress as Cosplay. Also refer to Tokyo Part 2

Us at the beginning of the street

Guess for who these shirts and jin beis are for?

And what are these?

Yea.. they are for the dogs! Cute, little fortunate dogs..haha..

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hey...part 7 having so many leng lui wo... all i can say is envy you girls can enjoy yrself in Japan,i am jealous!

may i know is it the medical conference held each year in different countries? next year where?

yup..this is the Asian Medical Student Conference. Next yr is Taiwan!

wah i wanna learn the paper crafts from the granny!!!