Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tokyo Part 6 : Tsukiji Fish Market

I woke up as early as 4am to go get prepared and leave for the Tsukiji fish market by 5am with some other Msia delegates. Seriously, i think the sun in Tokyo rises between 3.30-4.00 am because when i woke up at 4 am, the sky was as bright as how it will be at 7am in West Malaysia. Their first train starts at 5.05 am and it was punctual compare to our really pathetic KTM that promised to start at 6am but the 1st train will only arrive at 7am.

At the train station at 5.20 am. The sky is as bright as 9am in Malaysia

We heard that there are a few sashimis and sushis restaurant near the fish market that are really popular for their sashimis and sushis known to be the freshest that one can find in the whole of Japan. Thats actually one of the main reason we sacrifice our sleep to come all the way to the fish market. It seems these sashimis and sushis are taken directly fr the tunas and salmons that are caught fr the ocean and upon delivery to the fish market, they are send straight to these restaurants. I did not go to the most popular restaurant in this area however. The one i went was as popular but not the most popular. We queued for almost 15 minutes before it was our turn. Most of the restaurants there only has 12-15 seats which explains the long queue if there are many people.

This was the one we went to

We could only order in sets and the cheapest set is 1000 yen which is RM 30. This restaurant only has sashimis. I ordered a bowl of tuna and salmon sashimi. They got other sets such as with sea urchins, crab meats, fish belly etc etc but i suppose the minimum is more than enough for me. Photo taking are not allow in this restaurant and they are very strict about it so no pic of my set but honestly, that's really the freshest sashimis i had ever tasted. The tunas and salmons were so thick and raw yet they do not stink as they are very very fresh. The sashimis are served with rice so it was an extremely filling breakfast. It's best consumed with wasabi. After finishing our breakfast, me, SY and KW walked around and we saw the most popular sashimi and sushi restaurant in this area, where people queue for hours just for a meal.

The supposedly most popular one that ppl queue crazily for it

Some of the other people went to that restaurant, so i got the pics fr them.

The sashimi set fr that restaurant. Mine is similar but mine had five slices of tuna and five slices of salmons. The proportion and content was the same though

But they have sushis here..so yummy looking

Stall selling souvenirs fr the fish market

Crazy vege cart that move at high speed around the market

Hurray..at the fish market where it does not stink as bad as our fish market and not as wet. Literally a very dry and clean fish market.

I had never seen tuna this huge but apparently there are even bigger ones.. this is a pretty normal daily catch only! (it's tail had been cut off)

Giant hairy crabs

huge squids

Some kind of seafood..i dont know what are they

Baby octopus

Giant tunas freshly slice

Uncle cutting up the fish with this long knife..if one is early to the fish market, the uncle will directly cut up the meat fr the fish ribs and serve you to eat..now that's even fresher, aint it? hehe

It was certainly worth it sacrificing sleep for a visit to the freshest sashimi restaurant and the most unsmelly fish market. A must visit for sashimi lovers. And I will like to watch the auctioning live next time. ;)

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Hi Allison, is this the biggest fish market in Tokyo,Japan? I think i hd watched some documentary show the same market.The seafood and fishes are very fresh.Is that so? Have you try?

indeed it is.. the fish and sea catch here are really really fresh. i tried the sashimi and it is v fresh and good. worth ur money if u r a fan of sashimi. and the fish market is not smelly at all. :)