Monday, August 18, 2008

Tokyo Part 5

Just as the conference and Tokyo began to sink in, it was already the last day of the conference. One week had certainly flew by too quickly. It seemed just like yesterday when we all gathered in the auditorium for the opening but here we are, gathered once again, this time to marked the end of this absolutely wonderful conference. All the RCs were required to go on stage and each delivered the solemn pledge of their respective country to continue our role as medical students in promoting and raising awareness about NCD. There were also prize giving for the paper and poster competition.

All countries RCs on stage

After lunch was the Japanese cultural workshop. There were more than 10 different workshops to choose from, from learning how to wear Jap summer garments to traditional Japanese martial arts to shodou (art of calligraphy) to Jap music and tea ceremony, we were definitely spoil for choice. Alas, we can only attend a maximum of 2 workshops as time was really short. My first workshop was the origami and chirimen key chain workshop where we were taught how to fold crane and ninja blades and using Jap style cloths to make key chains that can also be attached to our cell phones.

We were all first taught how to fold a crane

Chirimen key chains..each cloth represents a different part of our body. Yellow represents the liver, purple the kidney and white simply means everything or nothing.

Successfully accomplished our task. It's really pretty simple to make these chirimen key chains

My next workshop was learning how to wear a yukata, which is a summer kimono for Jap girls. During the summer, like now, a lot of Jap girls actually put on these yukatas for outings. The summer garment for guys are called jin bei and they actually teach guys how to wear that too.

Me in a yukata

The back view

At night, it was time for farewell party. It was held at the same place as our welcoming party. It was a night full of emotions as we all understand that that night was probably the last time all of us could gathered together in our group and meet most of the ppl. Even if its not the last time, it will probably quite a while more before we can meet each other again. We took a lot of pictures together, exchange souvenirs and gifts and contacts. We were all very happy to have known each other from this conference but yet, we were sad that time was just too short for us to spend together. We promised not to cry that night, but somehow, Tomoko cant resist her tears and got us crying as well as we hug each other goodbye.

Me with the other pretty girls in my group

Sarah, HF, M, SW and me

We all got a photo frame fr our GMs which they left a message for us on the back of the pic. It was simply too touching to read what they had written

And to mark the end of the farewell party, we had a song relay session, where we all sang the AMSA song together as a really huge choir, really huge as 400 plus ppl sang together.

But the night was still young. As our last group activity in this 29th AMSC, we all went for a karaoke session together, which was really fun and crazy as we sang Jap, Korean, English and Chinese songs. It didn't matter if we don't understand what the other person was singing, we truly enjoyed each other company.

Karaoke session

This conference had certainly enrich my life experience even more. The friendship that i make, the people that i met and the things that i had learn are priceless. Even though we know that most of us will probably be so busy with our life once we gget back to our own country, own uni that we will keep in touch less and less, i'm glad that we had cross path. Thank you mum, thank you dad, for giving me an opportunity to experience this conference which i hope more ppl are able to participate in future. I will certainly like to participate again if opportunity allows. :D

" Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning. " Sir Winston Churchill

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