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Tokyo Part 8 : Tokyo Disneyland

After we checked out on Fri, me and Sarah joined the post conference tour organized by AMSA Japan to Tokyo Disneyland. Disneyland is every child dream place to go. All the Walt Disney characters from Mickey Mouse to Winnie the Pooh are classic cartoon characters that children never grow tired of and they are still very popular till this day. Ask anyone if they grew up without knowing at least one Disney cartoon character or movie. Even a lot of adults are big fan of these Walt Disney characters. I, myself is a sucker for Disney movies. I can't recall the countless Disney movies that i had watched and fall in love with; movies such as Mulan, 101 Dalmations, Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, Aladdin, Toy Story, Pocahontas, Peter Pan, Lilo and Stitch, The Pacifier, The Incredibles, Pirates of the Caribbean, Narnia, Cars, Underdog, High School Musical and the list goes on.

Before the main gateway, there's flower arrangement of Mickey Mouse as part of their 25th Anniversary celebration. There were definitely a lot of people as its the summer holidays now and also due to the fact that they had started their celebration for their 25th anniversary since opening in April.

Excited for Disneyland

The 1st cartoon character we saw was Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh, walking around, taking pic with kids.

Well, we are not kids but we like to take a pic with Eeyore too..hehe

We at the famous Cinderella Castle

Our first ride was Pirates of The Caribbean as we joined little kids and parents in a boat that brought us around to see all the pirates treasures and hideout. We saw 'Captain Jack Sparrow' leading his group of pirates too.

Pirates of the Caribbean

Out of the many rides and attractions Disneyland have, almost all are suitable for kids and those even with a weak heart. Even their Haunted Mansion is nothing close to scary but it was extremely fascinating as they use the hologram technology for all their ghouls and ghost.

Western River Railroad

Big Thunder Mountain..roller coaster that is not scary at all..


Little red indian village

Pooh's Honey Hunt, one of the top attraction in Disneyland..the waiting time is always a minimum of 90 minutes so we skipped it

We saw a lot of people bringing picnic mats and sat by the side of the road opening umbrellas, wearing rain coats, eating and eagerly waiting under the big hot sun. We figured they must be waiting for some parade, so we waited with them. True enough after some time, there were some announcements in Japanese and then a big, red truck started appearing.

Everybody eagerly waiting for this truck with Goofy to appear

It turns out, this is a water truck that sprays water to the crowd to cool them in this hot summer

We had our lunch at Toontown,a cartoon adventureland. This world is zanny at its best and everything is straight out of a cartoon, there are no straight edges and its full of colour and fun. We tried their Roger Rabbits Car toon spin here where we can spin our cars 360 degrees as we were brought through the back alley of Toontown.

Lunch boxes that comes in Mickey and Stitch shape

My set lunch

Wacky lamp post

the Jolly Trolley ride

Stretchable prison bars

This post-box look alike thingy actually plays music when i pulled it open

After Toon town, we walked around and end up with this cute teapot which reminds me of the teapot song we used to sing as kids. You know the song,

"I'm a little teapot
Short and stout
Here is my handle
Here is my spout
When I get all steamed up
Hear me shout
"Tip me over
and pour me out!"
Alice Tea Party huge teapot

Then we went to It's a Small World, another boat ride around the 'world', while greeted by 'kids' fr all around the world. The kids can actually fly, dance, wave, wink and they can do all sort of other actions just like a real human as we went pass them. It really makes me feel like a kid once again, where we live in our happy little world with no worries and troubles.

The outside of It's A Small World

This is the 2nd most exciting ride here. It's a log ride through the the home of Bare Rabbit and his mates and finishes with a massive drop off the top of a giant peak down a waterfall to rapids below. However, we waited almost an hour just to play this as we couldn't get the fast pass so we entertained ourselves with some silly games while waiting

The giant peak where it went down.. it looks scary but trust me, it's thrilling but not scary.. we wished for more rounds after we finished the 1st round

Our last ride of the day was the best ride to me. It's called the Space Mountain located at Tomorrowland where we swooshed past the 'universe' at real high speed, a speed that leaves all your hair all over the place at the end of the ride and in total darkness besides the tiny tiny lights emitted from the 'comets' and 'planets' that we are suppose to avoid. The darkness really blinds our vision so we couldn't see what's ahead of us and the surprise at what's awating us in front, whether it's a sharp turn or a slight drop makes the ride all more exciting and adrenaline-rushing. A visit to Disneyland will never be complete without a ride at least once through the Space Mountain.

One of the best ride there.. the Space Mountain

(all 3 pics of the interior of the Space Mountain was taken by Mintcrocodile)

The interior of off such a futuristic feeling

Thumbs up for the ride after we finished it

Besides all these rides and attractions, some of the snacks sold around Disneyland are pretty interesting and tempting as they can't be found in Malaysia.

Helping myself to a lemon soda churo

And that is a Mickey Mouse ice cream! Refreshing in that crazy weather

Chocolate popcorn.. they have all sort of flavours of popcorns here such as the chocolate, salted, honey, cheese etc etc.

They also have alot of stall all over the Lands that sell all sort of cartoon characters hat-hair-clip or hair band or cap which a lot of Japanese and foreigners bought to wear and walked around with it which makes them looks like a cartoon character themselves.

The 3 of us also tried to be Minnie mouse

Their Stitch collection

Mickey's magic hat

Goofy cap

In the Winnie the Pooh's souvenir shop, we can't resist taking pic with their star of the shop, a almost human size Pooh

They also have Tigger tails for sale.. i wonder how would Malaysians react if we wear a tail like this to walk around..pretty funny though..haha

Pooh's biscuits..besides biscuits, they also have sweets, chocolates and cookies that comes in all these al time fav Disney characters. But, they are expensive though.

Mickey welcoming patrons in the souvenir shop

Before leaving, i noticed this pic that is made up of a million smiles of mostly children all over the world put together. Very impressive art work.

We left at about 7.30 pm where the fireworks display in conjunction with the anniversary started.

Main gateway at night

After leaving Disneyland, we went on the JR line to Shibuya. We wanted to do some shopping here as well as we heard they are quite cheap but still, i think Takeshita-Dori is a much more fruitful place to shop.

The busy crossroads where so many ppl cross each time the traffic light turns green

Some lanterns hanging over Shibuya street

It was definitely a long day at the Disneyland, but it was so much fun reliving childhood being surrounded by so many lovely Disney characters and storybook fantasies come true. Their rides, albeit being nothing too scary for the heart, is just as fun to ride in and having the fast pass means we save quite substantial amount of time queuing for some of the most excellent rides like the Space Mountain. I totally love how benign the Haunted Mansion is with the cool hologram effects and how colourful and happy the It's A Small World Ride is. But the Tokyo Disneyland is so huge and with so many people, we couldn't manage to try so many other equally interesting look rides and shows in one day. But that calls for more visits to the other Disneylands around the world, perhaps? I think despite them all being Disneyland, some will have more exclusivity than the rest and I'm sure the lovely Tokyo one will not be exactly the same as the Florida one. Well, while it is indeed a kid's paradise, I still love and enjoy it just as much. I know, I'm still a kid at heart right? *hehe* :)

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