Monday, August 25, 2008

Tokyo Part 10 : Narita

Narita Holiday Inn

My last day in the Land of the Rising Sun was spent at Narita. We stayed at Holiday Inn at Narita which is 5 minutes away from the Narita airport. The hotel is located nowhere near Narita town, some 30 minutes away and it's located at an isolated spot all by itself with no tourist attraction or shops around. The nearest convenience stores which are Lawson and 7-11 is a 15 minutes walk away.

We didn't get to go anywhere in Narita except walking around the hotel and to the nearest convenience store, Lawson. The sun was burning hot at 10 smt in the morning, like a 12 o'clock sun. We didn't get to have any breakfast that morning. Fortunately, i have Krispy Kreme doughnuts to fill my stomach. The donuts are sugarly delicious. It's very sweet but yet, the doughnut is so crunchy upon biting and melts in the mouth. I miss Krispy Kremes even as i think about it right now.

Narita airport

Some duty free stuff sold at the airport duty-free shops are cheap especially the liquors. Aside from that, most of the other stuff are sold at prices almost the same as outside. We finally managed to get a window seat for our flight back to Malaysia. I love window seats as i love to look at the scenery outside at the plane take off and land.

Sarah and me in the plane

Saying goodbye to Narita and Japan

My meal on the plane.. i finished every single item here.. from the salmon rice to the soba and bread, i guessed i was really hungry

After almost 7 hours of flight, we are finally back to Malaysia once again. The stay in Japan was too brief and there was still this longing feeling to be there. Part of me was glad to be back in Msia but part of me wanted to stay longer there. It was truly a great experience from preparation before the conference to attending the conference, sight seeing, eating and shopping around Tokyo to meeting diff and nice ppl fr so many countries fr the neighbouring Thailand to the far off Austria, not forgetting getting to know frens fr our very own Malaysia to taking a public bath and getting lost taking the metro, this 10 days had certainly enriched my life even more.

Tokyo is a fabulous city, i still like to go back there someday. Tokyo is definitely my most favourite city so far. It's one of the best, with their advance technology blend with traditional culture leaving me in awe almost every moment. This is a place where automatic taxi doors, GPS system in every cab, a singing toilet, automated soap-wash-dryer tap, hand held computerized ordering device and complicating Tokyo Metro can be found. Their ppl are also very honest (i guessed most of them are anyway) and efficient, fr 2 experience of lost and found, one my very own experience and the other was Fatah's camera which he left it on the train only to be found a few hours later. Of course, as there are black sheeps in every family, there are still Tokyoites who are rude and inpunctual and unhelpful. But on the whole, there are a lot of things in a lot of ways that Malaysians can learn a lot from them.

I *heart* Tokyo. I'll be back. :)

Back at KLIA airport

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iT IS NOT ENUFF, just only 10 days!
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