Friday, September 05, 2008

22nd Birthday in KT

Mua finally turn another yr older and wiser. haha.. It felt only like yesterday when i turned 21. Neway, for the past few days my spirit had been more on the down side and i wasn't feeling really well, so i like to say a big big THANK YOU to DD for planning out my bday celebration for me and lift my spirit again. =)

My akachan :)

I'm really touch for everything that he had done for making my bday memorable and happy, from the cheesecake that he made to the presents he gave and the bbq party he organized for me.

DD's cheesecake. I'm lovin' it

Another soft toy to add to my already considerable amount of soft toys..haha.. a super-almost human size dog and a handbag

Of course, the bbq party was a complete surprised. I never expected any sort of bbq party. I just thought we would all meet for dinner outside somewhere. DD initially told me that we will be going somewhere nice for dinner and then suddenly he came to my hse and pulled me downstairs, to the 1st floor of Wisma Tenang, where lo and behold, i was surprised to see all my other friends there already busy bbq-ing and fanning away the smoke. Of course, what i wore was out of place for bbq, but it doesn't matter cz we all had a fun time, at least i did. I was happy for all my friends that had turned up and had been DD's accomplices in keeping me in the dark. :p.

By the bbq pit

MS and me.. the beginning of the sausage-fishballs war

Eating, eating and eating away

All the lovely girls..haha

Thank you all for coming and celebrating my bday (including those not in the pic) =)

Well, the night b4 i also had dinner with my 2 darling housemates, im not sure if that's also part of DD's plan. We wanted to go to Desa Restaurant but they won't be open for ala-carte until 8pm so we went to MS sushi instead.

My darlings

I also like to thanks all my friends that had wishes me 'Happy Birthday' whether it's through sms, call, facebook, friendster or msn. It means alot to me and it had made my day too.

Thank you DD and thank you all my dear friends :)

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