Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Dinner @ Ah Tong, Chinatown

This is my 2nd post for the night. I'm jz glad i don't have to be presenting Lepto 2moro..hehe.. Neway when it is the fasting month, almost all the halal outlets here in Kuala Terengganu will be packed with people preparing to break fast as it approaches 7pm (time they break fast altho that varries fr place to place). So, if you go out for dinner at 7, it can be quite a headache to look for parking and places to sit if you decide to go to a halal restaurant. Most of the Muslims will already be at the eateries with their food in front of them, preparing to eat them as soon as the azan fr the mosque sounds.

So, me and DD ended up at Chinatown for dinner and we went to one of these hawker stall behind The Store for chicken soup noodles. The chicken is served in a separate bowl of brownish-color base soup ( something like those soup when you eat duck noodle or kuey-teow kia in JB) with fishballs and egg for the dry noodles.

The name of the stall is Ah Tong..prices are reasonable and food is good. No wonder there were alot of ppl eating there

The kuey teow is dark sauce

This is what makes the whole plate of noodle yummy. Soft, tender chicken with fishballs and egg in soup

They also have popiah, fried or non-fried and some other fried dumplings as side dishes. Sometime i feel that we are very pig in eating. Two person eating so much, how to slim down?? lolz..

Neway as it is the fasting month, there are no restaurants that opened for lunch near our uni (as the 2 nearest and nicer restaurants near our uni is operated by Muslim), so we will usually bring our lunch to uni, whether it's home cooked food the night before or food bought fr Chinatown early in the morning. So, in my 3 months here in KT, i proudly say that my cooking skill had improved alot, i'm still not a good cook, but at least i can cook more stuff than b4. =p. Should also thanks my DD for teaching me some cooking skill. hehe..

Yesterday we cooked garlic black pepper chicken with cheese for lunch. We bought 3 pieces of chicken breast from Astaka and after clearing all the fats and bone, what's left is only meat that looks like only from 2 pieces of chicken. So in the end have to eat with rice and bread.

Today we had pineapple fried rice. See, there's prawn, pineapples of course, french beans, anchovies and cili padi (a little only). Nice!

We also had a fogging demo this afternoon by a few health personnels from the Vector Control Unit in KT that saves me from falling asleep in class while some "interesting" lectures drone on and on for hours.

We looked on as the health personnel shows us how to turn on and off the fogging machine

There's 2 kinds of fogging in Msia, thermal fogging and ULV fogging. This is use for thermal fogging

Personal protection equipment worn by the fogger; the ear gear, mouth mask, special glasses for protecton of the eyes, cap and long pant and sleves

Demonstration of ULV fogging which is done from the jeep

And finally, 2 students were given the chance to try hands on. Well, fogging in Msia is free unless it's by some private company or conmen. We had a few hours of talk today regarding dengue and chikungunya. So, in conclusion, eliminate breeding grounds for the mosquitos to keep yourself and your love ones safe from dengue and chikungunya. :)

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