Friday, September 26, 2008

JB Library

I'm back to my dearest, sweet and cosy home. It felt so gd to be breathing in the JB air again. haha. I spent most of the evening sleeping away, catching up on some sleep that i'm deprived off the previous night. But i had brought back with me more than 20 mosquito bites altogether on both arms on the journey back home.

Aedes aegypti

Aedes albopictus

Both species are the common vectors for dengue or the currently more popular Chikungunya in Msia, so i hope non of the bites are from any of these species. lol.

Neway, of all places that i had been thinking of going, i accompanied my sis to the library today. Yes, the public library near Convent. It's been like 987654 years since i stepped into a public library. She wanted to go and since it's the new public library and it looks so much bigger and nicer than the old one in Larkin, i decided to go take a look also..hehe. This new one is much more comprehensive than the old one. They have more variety of books, from business mangement to medical to science and self-help books, and it can all be borrowed! Their novels are more teenage-series though, they don't really have adult novels, but then again, do adults still read novels? The novels come in a variety of genre fr romantic to detective to mystery novels, by Meg Cabot, Sabrina The Teenage Witch, Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys among the many others. Of course they have some classic literatures too such as Hamlet by William Shakespeare and David Copperfield by Charles Dicken. There's also a lot of magazines for reading and there's even movies to watch. They have many many DVDs that we can borrow and watch in any one of the many computers provided there, and besides English movie, they have Korean, Tamil and Malay movies and dramas too. There's also CDs that we can borrow within the library. And there's also special room for kids, play room, special study room and a cafeteria. No wonder there were many more ppl in this library and a lot of them are actually form 5 or 6 students doing group study there. This new library is certainly not a bad place to spend a quiet afternoon, whether it's to kill time off by reading or watching movie or to go online if you are too bored staring at the 4 walls at home. Well, it may not be the best but i'm pretty proud of how much the library had improved from the old one. :)

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What transport are you taking? why are there so many bloodsuckers in your transport? Bus, train?

i took my friend's car but it may not be solely due to mosquitoes fr his car..