Sunday, September 07, 2008

McD's; The Happy Food

Are you a McDonald's fan? I'm certainly one. Ok, although my all time fav burger is not fr McD's but McD's do come in 1st as my fav all time fries, nuggets and Mcflurry. =)

McD's has always been known as happy food as they trigger a person to be happy just by eating them, yes, we know that they are unhealthy but the satisfaction that we get after eating McD''s is simply incredible.

So, after sweating away some calories after class, me and DD went to McD's to take back all the calories that we had burnt! haha..

In conjunction with Ramadan, McD's have a special Ramadan menu where they have hot and spicy Mcnuggets to be dip in 3 types of sauce and among them is the Thai Chili sauce. And the McShaker Fries are back! hurray! I love the McShaker. Since the last seaweed McShaker promotion, i really craved for McShakers and now it's back with the hot and spicy flavor. Of course, there's alot of MSG but it's wonderful to be eaten once in a while.

And they have 2 new flavors of McFlurry, the oreo Mudpie and Oreo Berries. I tried the Oreo Mudpie and it's really good. I mean if u have always like the Oreo McFlurry, this is sure better but it's kinda expensive, RM. 5.50 for one!

So, hurry down to McDonald's to try out their new promotion menu b4 it ends. It really mades me happy and satisfy. :)

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