Thursday, September 25, 2008

Mosquito Identification Visit

We went to the Vector Control Unit of the hosp today morning for identification of vectors and parasites. We started off with about 2 hours of introductory presentation fr Encik Mustaffa and Encik Suphi which we were all very happy when it was finally time to get off fr the chair and move our legs to the labs.

1st, Encik M brought us to his mosquito lab where they carry out experiments on the feeding habit of the female mosquitoes.

Encik M demonstrating how they usually do their experiment on the feeding of the female mosquitoes. Aedes actually lay their eggs on dry surface near water and upon in contact with water, then only the eggs will start to hatch.

Aedes eggs!

Microscopic pic of those eggs

These are the boxes (net) that they use for experiment

Mosquitoes that had died but still left in the box

Larva food. They will feed the larvae with this so that they will grow faster, which is a concoction of nestum, oat and chicken liver powder. According to En. M, the larvae will grow even faster if they are fed fresh chicken liver.

These guinea pigs are use as blood source

We also saw microscopic Plasmodium Falciparum trophozoites and shizonts as well as Plasmodium Vivax thick film and Brugia Malayi which causes filiariasis

Thin and thick film ready for staining

And lastly, we went to the dengue and malaria unit. Larvaes of a few common species of mosquitoes that causes JE, malaria and dengue

Mosquitoes specimen

This is the Toxorhynchites species that does not suck blood.

Other than bare-leg trapping (they really bare their legs and wait for the mosquito to feed before trapping the mosquitoes in a container while they feed), this is a CDC trap they use where the lights will attract the mosquitoes to enter the net. Not so useful against Aedes though.

Ovitrap. Another tool for collecting mosquitoes. From afar, they do resemble bowls of miso soup, dont ya think? hahaha..

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hey, allison! u found me! haha.. i won't forget mei-nu de la.. :p
all dat food makes me miss malaysia so much! looks like u'r having loads of fun too.. :)

wow..that's a wonderful visit you had! i wish that i'd stumbled into this page earlier because now i'm pretty stuck up with my final year project! i'm so behind the timeline that I need to submit my project overview tmrw...and i'm still researching on it!!