Saturday, September 20, 2008

Pulau Kapas a.k.a Cotton Island

Today me, my hsemates and DD had a fabulous half day at Pulau Kapas aka Cotton Island. I had never really been to any islands in Malaysia except Langkawi so this is actually the 2nd island i been to and the first island we conquered in Turtle Land. haha.. It'll be such a shame if we are living so close to all these beautiful islands known throughout Malaysia and the world and we have nv visit them in these 3 years. We arrived at the Marang jetty at 8.45am and there were a few boat companies there but somehow we decided to take the speedboat by the company Surialink which is RM 40 both way even tho we saw another company that says RM 18 both way for the same duration. "'^^.

The ride was about 15-20 minutes and soon we passed Gem island and we can clearly see Kapas island. How excited to know we are going to set foot on the island within minutes! haha..

Pulau Kapas from Gem Island

The weather was very good today. The sun didn't came up till about 10.30 am when we were snorkelling.

In the speedboat towards Cotton Island

Pulau Kapas is really beautiful. The sands are soft and white. It doesn't hurt to walk barefooted at all. And the waters are relatively clear. I suppose it's not so polluted yet. From the jetty, we can also se fishes swimming below and the sand bed. Although the island is not to say very big, there are a few chalets and resorts there and it will still take a while if you really plan to walk from one spot to another spot. It's indeed a perfect spot to get away fr the hustle and bustle of the city or to get away fr the stress that is about to bury you in the concrete jungle.

Pulau Kapas!

We went snorkelling at a spot between Cotton and Gem island. The water there is even clearer than where we first landed and there are so many types of fishes and corals there. The wide array of fishes are all so colourful and the size range from large to mini. I can't tell all of the species of the fishes of course but there's my fav fish, the clownfish almost hiding between corals all the time, shy when they see ppl around them! And there were schools of fishes, where we can swim pass them and they will all make way for us. There were also a lot of corals, both the hard and soft corals and sea urchins. And i thought only Japan has sea urchins. lol. The 2 hours of snorkelling was really fun except for the fact that there were something that keep stinging us all over our body, it could be jellyfish sting, but the non fatal (because if it's fatal, i can't be sitting here and blog right now) tentacles that got stuck between the sea urchins or corals or whatever. But whatever it is that keeps stinging/biting us (the boatmen initially told us that it's all the small, tiny fishes thats biting us), it triggers our nociceptors and it's PAINFUL and gives off kind of electric shock wave every now and then. Fortunately, it was at some part of the sea only.

I certainly wna learn scuba diving if i have enough money. I'm fascinated by the sea and what lies beneath. Imagine being able to explore another world that leaves us so much more to imagine.

B4 going into the water snorkelling

Clear clear water that can see sea bed and fishes below

Ain't this beautiful? hehe

And they buried me in sand

Flower pretty

We had lunch at an English restaurant open by a Holland couple at Kapas Turtle Ranch. See the cat in the owner's shirt

Quiche Lorraine..something like a pie with cheese, vegetables and fish inside.. very delicious

tosti..bread with chicken ham, cheese and tomato

Homemade cake

We left the jetty at 3.30 pm and i certainly enjoyed myself today with the sun and sea and total relaxation. Even though the sun wasn't very hot, but somehow i got sun burn too more prominently at my cheeks and nose. And there's sting marks on my arm and it still kinda hurt. But still, ii was fun. I love beaches! :)

Sting marks

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