Monday, September 08, 2008

Rape -When Will It Ever End?

There is one headline in The Star newspaper today that read :

" Mentally-disabled woman raped repeatedly, now pregnant"

I had always felt angry and sick whenever i read about girls, women or even grandmothers being raped. I hate and despised men who raped women. Rape cases are increasing day by day in our country and almost everyday when we turned open the newspaper to read, there will be some rape cases of some sort. But yet, what are our political figures doing? They are busy pitting themselves in a political war, trying to shoot each other with every kind of remarks and actions everyday, trying to gain support of the ppl and see who will be the next prime minister. For me, the person most deem fit to be prime minister is the one who is really concern about the ppl's affair and safety, not just some big shot who talks about racial equity. I mean racial equity is important but it had seemed to become the only agenda to decide who will run in power. What about the other issues? Besides economy growth, fighting inflation and all the other major issues, what about basic issues such as murder, rape and robbery? What is gov or whoever who is interested in being gov going to do about it?

A mentally-disabled woman who is totally defenseless and helpless and vulnerable was being raped over and over again by two beast who pretended to befriend her. Do these ppl even have conscience or guilt or any sanity at all? They are married. They have their wife to fulfill their sexual desire and IF they claim with their inexcusable and unforgivable excuse that their wife can't satisfy them, why not just go for castration. Then all their desires and urges will never surface. If they can't learn how to control their sexual desire, then they can better live without a penis. They shd be responsible for their action and not give some lame, stupid excuse such as hormonal problems, wife can't satisfy them etc.

I'm really sad to read about this. A normal person also needs time to get over her trauma, whats more a mentally-disabled. And to get pregnant? Who is going to be responsible for the child? We all know that we shd be more compassionate and care for the helpless but yet there are taking advantage of the weak. I totally despised them. What can we do to prevent rape in our society? We can't sentenced them to death nor can we give them too heavy punishment in fear that they will decide to silent their victims after raping them for fear they will be caught. But yet, i wish they get electroculated, hang or shoot or perhaps being sodomised so that they can hv a taste of their own medicine for all the psychological, emotionally and physical trauma they caused a girl to suffer for all her life. I just hope that men out there who ever thought of committing rape, if you read this, then pls respect women around you and yourself. Think about the women you love b4 u rape someone else. What if the person being rape is your daughter or someone you really love instead? Or if u r the kind that raped your daughters, then you shd be very ashamed of yourself. You should call yourself worse-than-beast. If you can't control your desire, i strongly urge you to take the bold step to have your penis castrated. It won't be that much pain compared to the pain that you will inflict upon all your other victims!

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