Thursday, September 18, 2008

Restaurant 'Terapung Puteri'

I had almost been 3 months here in KT, but i won't say i like the Malay food here very much. But since it's almost 1 week more b4 Hari Raya, me and DD thought why not try some 'buka puasa' (which means breaking fast) buffet here. So i went online, google for 'nice buka-puasa buffet in KT' and this restaurant's name came up and it has a pretty good review over it. It's called RestoranTerapung Puteri which is directly translated to be 'Floating Princess Restaurant' located opposite Bazaar Warisan. What a name right..haha! We went there after class, which we had to stayed back for the student council meeting, so it was about 6.30pm and the Muslims cant officially break fast yet. But there were already ppl filling up the restaurant and we can see several tables booked.

It's about RM 28 per person for the 'buka-puasa' buffet and of course besides the selection of Malay food such as tempoyak, cencaluk, ulam, kerabu, nasi minyak, Malay-style chicken and fish and vegetables, keropok ikan, mee rebus and pasembur (Malay rojak or known as gada-gada here perhaps because that's what it label it to be), they also have a few Western food such as sweet and sour chicken chop and black pepper chicken. There's also laksa penang which was not bad, Chinese yong tau foo and some kuih-muih and fruits for desert. I had never really been to a Malay buffet (sch catering of nasi beriani and so on does not count!) so it's kinda exciting to see what they actually serve for their buffet. I must say for RM 28, it's not really worth it for the food but ok for the surroundings and views.

DD and me b4 tucking in

Among some of the appetizer are like keropok ikan, tempoyak and cencaluk

Malay ulam, kerabu and salad

This is where you d-i-y ur own bowl of gada-gada, mee rebus (mee rebus gravy tasted like black pepper soup) and laksa penang

Yong tau foo corner

Black pepper chicken

Ikan bakar..some part betul-betul bakar

Nasi minyak with some sotong, chicken, eggs and asam fish

Desert corner - cendol and ais kacang

Kuih-muih and fruits

Drinks they have

They also have a grp of nashyid singers 'bernashyid' throughout our meal

From where we sat, we can see the sun set beautifully and Pulau Duyung in the distance. Nice view

Apart fr the nashyid, the Malays here eat their meals pretty much in silence and quickly. And unlike Chinese when we go for buffet, we like to make alot of rounds and sit and talk till the restaurant almost close b4 we are ready to leave, the Malays that goes for buffet here make much less rounds and we were the 1st to start eating and last to leave the restaurant and it's all only about 1 and half hour! hehe.. :)

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