Saturday, September 06, 2008

Sun, Sea and Treasure Hunt

Our friends fr Medic CG organized a beach outing today at Pantai Batu Buruk. We were supposed to gathered at 6.30am to catch the sunrise but there was a lot of clouds today, which blocked off the sun. So, not much of the sun..haha.. In the end we can only see the sun rays slowly crawling from behind the clouds but not the actual whole 'yolk' of the sun. But on the other hand, the weather was good, not so hot and sunny all the while we were playing games, if not we'll surely looked like burned lobsters!

We were divided into groups and we had to played something like treasure hunt, where u start with a clue and you search for the next and the next and the next all along Pantai Batu Buruk. The game made us run from one end to the other end of the beach, good exercise after so long of not exercising.haha.. After we collected all the clues, we had to complete a few more tasks to decide who wins.

Among one of the task was to draw a ten-steps smiley filled with seashell..tell me you c the smiley =)

Ta-da..can u see it? haha.. our smiley

Another task was to walk to the tip of the ugly rocks to take a group pic..well, this is also a tip but the starting tip, not the ending tip they wanted us to go..all of us were barefooted so it was kinda of painful to walk on the coarse sands

Although Pantai Batu Buruk do not have soft,warm sands or clear blue sea, but at least we have the sea so near to where we live, in the middle of KT town and it's certainly nicer and less polluted than Lido Beach.

Pic taking time by the beach

Yeahh..we are the star! =p

And of course, after so much fun and games, we can't leave out the food. Thanks to our friends who prepared sandwiches and snacks and drinks for us.

Food half gone

And today is the day that all the MYVI owners in our uni drove their cars out and proudly parked them side by side. 5 MYVI's altogether all in different colors!

Mini UCSI-MYVI 'sesated' car owner at the back..haha

Finally, after a lot of sweat and laughter and running and fun, we took a group pic b4 going home :D

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