Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Weekend Escape to JB

The Ramadhan month had just began yesterday. It is more commonly refer to as the 'puasa' or fasting month among the local communities as during this period of time, the Muslims will fast fr eating and drinking from sun rise till sun set. During sun set, they will 'buka puasa' which means they can start eating and drinking. Usually, there will be a lot of 'buka puasa' bazaars which will sell abundant and a variety of Malay food and kuih-muih or hotels and restaurants that will offer 'buka puasa' buffet. Even McD is not left behind, but only selective McD outlets have the 'buka puasa' buffet.

some of the Malay food that i bought fr the Ramadhan Bazaar.. among them are murtabak ayam, karipap, ayam percik, satay and cendol. The yellow thingy behind is actually apam telur (like apam balik but 100% made of egg) with coconut

I was back in JB for the weekend and it was fantastic. Nothing beats going back to a place that you are so familiar with and in the warmth of ur family and having good food, malls and cinema. We practically ate, ate and ate, watch Wall-E, went shopping a little and spent time at home over the weekend. It's so not fair that KT only got 1 day holi for National Day and KL had 3 for Awal Muharram as well. We reached JB around afternoon on Fri. We went to Nijyumaru for lunch, my fav place for Jap food in JB currently..hehe.

Katsu don

Ebi cheese maki

Kimuchi ramen.. seriously rated no.1 ..the soup is simply yummylicious

Garlic salmon

Japanese pancake with lots of bonito..nice!

We also went to Tebrau City but sales period is over. No more sales. So, just walked around and i had my green tea ice cream. If only there was blended red beans. Azuki macha ice cream really makes u drool on a hot day. Of course, it's not as authentic as Jap green tea ice cream but it's definitely cheaper (RM 2 per cone only) and it's nice also.

Green tea ice cream cone

Mum was in a good mood to cook curry that night so akachan gets to eat curry which he otherwise was suppose to stay away from. How happy he was like a little boy that gets to eat chocolate..haha..

Curry fish by mum

We had dinner on Sat nite at Carabao for Thai food. Service that night was really bad, they took forever to come take our orders and we have to remind them a few times before a waitress finally came. Usually, service are pretty ok but the Thai food are yummy. Among some of the food we ate are pineapple fried rice, tom yam, fried mango fish and thai salad.

Tom yam that is just nice..not too spicy, sour or salty

Thai salad

Fried mango fish

After dinner, everyone else went home except for me and Akachan. We didn't know where to go but we wanted to go to Danga Bay to see if they have any countdown celebration. We were only halfway and there was already massive jam all along the stretch of road to DB so we turned back and ended up cruising around, thinking of where we can go to chill besides clubs and pubs. Someplace nice and perhaps like Luna Bar maybe..haha *obviously there's no Luna bar alike place in JB.*

I also managed to meet up with Shir and her bf for lunch on Sat b4 she fly off to England in ten days. We went to Nippon Yataimura or better known as pokemon sushi among us. I really love Jap food (except for the sashimis and wasabi) so i really don't mind eating Jap food every day.

After our meal at Nippon

me and my long time darling friend

We spent the rest of the afternoon going to more malls. I heard Best World had reopened again, this time called Danga City Mall so we went there to take a look but most of the shops aren't open yet and it was still quite empty. Maybe because it's not officially open yet. There is Metrojaya and a new bowling centre though so LM won't be the only place to bowl around JB town. We also went to PP and managed to talk to HL who is working for DKNY perfume. Busy busy girl who is also going off to Sunderland soon.

Me and my another long time buddy

Wall-E is another Disney cartoon that made me fall in love with. Imagine 2 robots falling in love, that's cute right? Besides, it also inspire us not to further pollute our Earth b4 it becomes not viable for living.

Wall-E and Eve

There was also a home decor exhibition at Persada Johor or also known as Johor International Convention Centre and mum send me on an errand there so we went down and had a look at that place too.

Inside the convention centre

Persada Johor from the outside

Well, how blessed we are to be living in Malaysia where it's definitely a gastronomic pleasure and we have all sort of food to satisfy our tastebuds and stomach. I'm sure i will visit a few more bazaars as i love the kuih-muih sold at those bazaars. 'Buka puasa' bazaars can be found easily in KT. The one at Kuala Ibai looks really good and tempting and the one at Pantai Batu Buruk have very nice ayam percik.

But the fasting month in KT also means that there will be no Malay stalls that opens in the afternoon and even all the fast food chains are not open until after 3.00pm. So, since our campus is situated far fr Chinatown and Lempeng and Rusila are not open, we hv to br food fr home everyday or buy our lunch early b4 coming to uni.

Lastly, Happy fasting to all our Muslim friends. =)

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eh nice pictures of food.. i'm in singapore and am plannin a day trip to JB,primarily to break fast & people watch(:
do u have any suggestions?which ramadhan bazaars/ malls i shud check out w/o much travelling in btw? and also prolly where we could sit down, blend in and eat our ala-cartes w/o the locals giving us the evil eye?
sorry fr askin too much,but thanks in adv!