Sunday, October 26, 2008

From Escape to Raffles SC

I went to Singapore with DD and his friends today. We went to Escape theme park, Downtown East. The weather was gd, the sun wasn't so high up in the sky, so there's no worry of sunburn and excessive sweating even with the walking. It's my 1st time there, and it was quite disappointing because a few rides were closed for maintenance. But the remaining rides such as the Daytona track, flume ride, inverter and flipper were ok, there were no roller-coaster except for a mini, non-heart attack one.

@ the entrance of Escape

Flipper, 1st ride we took

Our go-cart, the normal circuit, which is pretty much like the one in Genting

Another round of go-cart, at the more advanced circuit

The inverter, which is still ok as it was not very fast..try spotting me! haha

Prizes we won at the carnival games..not too bad eh..hehe

After Escape, we were really hungry, so we decided to escape to E-Hub, which is a new, funky looking mall next to Escape with lots and lots of restaurants and fast food outlets to choose from. I had always heard of 'New York New York' but never had a chance to try it till today. Me and DD ate our lunch there. The restaurant gives out almost the same feeling as Chilli's but, food tasted better. I'm kinda adding it on my already long list of fav restaurant now. haha..

The New York Post which is actually the menu

Very colorful menu..they have a desert called 'lake chocolate' which is really tempting but we decided to keep it for next time! ( don't eat everything the 1st time so that you will have excuse for re-visit)

Mini cheese fondue..the fried cucumbers, egg plants and mushrooms are dip in cheese

DD's smiley :)

Hawaii Teriyaki Chicken Chop..serve with wedges, an almost burned pineapple and salad..still taste delicious

New York New York

DD's friend wanted to try out my all-time fav Mos Burger, so we wanted to go to Raffles Shopping Centre next. But, we got off at Raffles Station instead, so we exercised a little after such a wonderful lunch and walked to RSC.

Along the walk to RSC, took a pic at Singapore River with the Fullerton Hotel behind

The river again but this time with the 'durian' at the back

Artwork at the Esplanade

At RSC, we window shoped around. We can really only afford to window-shop here unless you start earning some good, hard cash in future. Well, not all outlets are designer brands but most of them are. Even those that you never heard of, as long as it's located here, it's expensive.

Except for the food, which is still nice and affordable. (the restaurants here are pretty ok). We had dinner at 'Soup Spoon' which is as it's name indicates, popular for their soup. We wanted to order breadbowl but it had ran out of stock, so we settled for a crispy pot pie instead.

Crispy pot pie..guess whats hiding beneath the pie?hehe

ta-da- Velvety mushroom soup! thick, creamy and very mushroomy

The recommendation i heard about this place is pretty reliable. The soup is really good, i like concentrated soups, so i find it really really nice and besides mushroom soup, there are a several other varieties to choose from. So, now i'm recommending it to all of you! (such a pity, i don't have advertising fee!!..haha)

And of course, i can't miss out on a Ben and Jerry! In case you all still don't know, Ben & Jerry is my fav ice cream :D

oh so sinfully good-tasting ice cream

A regular cup that cost SGD 8.50! That's expensive.. one scoop of strawberry cheesecake and one scoop of chocolate brownie cheesecake. They are currently having a promo of buy 2 scoop and free 1 scoop of Jamaican Madness, which is a mixture of passion fruit and mango and i can't rmb what else

They even have B & J merchandise up for sale! From socks to badges to water bottles to cap and many more

I wasn't feeling really tired this time, but perhaps the walking mades sitting so comfortable now. I enjoyed Sg today and felt so grateful to have my parents to fetch me to and fro and feeling really happy now. :)

Happy Deepavali to all those celebrating this festival of light. :)

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