Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fruit Bar, JB

I also got the latest URTI bug that has been spreading lately. But luckily, i had some medication to fight off the bug. haha. Neway i went for another movie marathon yesterday. I watched House Bunny and High School Musical 3. House Bunny is actually pretty funny and besides the skimpy clothes and blonde jokes, the story has some moral behind it, its quite touching also to some extent. I wanted to watch 'The Coffin' or 'My Best Friend's Girl' but GSC in LM don't have it both. The Coffin will only premier 2nite.

Neway, DD introduced me to this place called 'Pure Fruit Bar' which is located at Tmn. Sutera. I know, im the JB person, but im not familiar with that area and since it's on the way back to UTM, we dropped by to try out. It's not really a bar, it's more to a bistro and they claimed that all their fruit juices are 100% pure, with no sugar and water added.

Pure fruit bar..looks nice right the setting

100% pure grapefruit juice..the lady who introduced it to me said that this is one of their restaurant's fav and it's very good for health

I don't quite like the bitter and dry taste of grapefruit

Lady Boss : add a little salt and the drink will taste better

Yeah..after adding salt, really much better tasting

Avocado's milkshake..another fav among customers..the chocolates are already dripping from the melting ice cream..haha

They have Western, Italian and Chinese food on their menu but we had decided 2 go Chinese yesterday.

Marmite chicken rice

Fish hor fun

DD and me at the restaurant

The food is not bad, quite nice, and the fruit juices are of course healthy. Not a bad place to hang out for a drink with friends too. :)

And i also met up with Peanut last night. We sat at McD till they are closed for business..haha

Peanut and me

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URTI = upper respiratory tract infection :)

tu mei, i got ur comment dy. Happy to see it ;)

Ooooh!!! Fruit bar!!
That's one place i have to go! FRUITS!!!!! Oh and CK!! Long time no see.. how was she le? =)

haha..she's as usual and still doing gd.. =)