Sunday, October 05, 2008

Home-cooked Dinner

Back in Turtle land.

Today is the 1st day we started class but boy, prof certainly wasn't in her best of mood.

Luckily, my presentation went ok.

Anyways, I was having cravings for salmon and what's better than cooking yourself if you have the time? Besides, being in turtle land, it is not easy finding restaurants with good salmons. Seriously, it is that inconvenient here at time.

But being a noob at cooking, i engaged "chef DD" assistance..hahaha..

Cooking is fun and home cook food is definitely healthier but really time consuming.

Mushroom-chicken soup for appetizer

Garlic bread..err i over baked some of them causing them to be burn

Dish-of-the-day : Grilled honeydew salmon with thousand island dressing by the chef. The combination of thousand island with honeydew makes it both sweet and sour at the same time

Grilled honeydew dory with thousand island

So, even though their presentation might not look good, but it's actually pretty delicious. What's more when we were the ones whipping it up ourselves. Haha

I can't believe like before i came here, i don't think i can ever cook stuff like this. I had never attempted to cook anything like this even back in KL when i started living on my own. But now, with a clean kitchen, almost equipped with all the cooking necessities, it makes cooking more convenient and being stuck here with not much places for food, it makes me miss home cook food very much. So, I suppose when you are left with not much choices for places to eat, home cooking will be the best option. Time to explore this creative side of me. Hehe :)

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