Saturday, October 18, 2008

I Ate His 'Heart'

Yeap..u read me right. I ate my DD's heart; blood-covered, still pumping, aorta, pulmonary arteries bla bla bla lined heart..(ok,lame again..haha) Of course NOT..I'm not a cannibal. =p Well, actually i mean his potatoes 'heart' that he specially made for me. :) :)

His potatoes heart is in fact a creative deviation from the original supposedly rounded 'dressed up egg' he prepared for CG yesterday. Never really heard of 'dressed up egg' right?haha.. But surely it sounds interesting right? At least that's what i thought when he first told me the idea. And it is very interesting and creative, not to mention time-consuming..haha.. Here are some pic of my DD version of his own 'Dressed Up Egg'. Eggs these days are getting shy; they wna get dress up too! haha!

The 'heart' made fr potatoes b4 it got bake

Filling up the 1st layer with 100% tomato puree after baking the heart..the heart look so pretty right now?

The heart being filled up with mince chicken burger meat and cabbage

And finally, the yolk with a little white as topping and bake again! End result:- Yummy dressed up egg. And since it's specially done for me, it tasted especially nice oso. =p Good try DD :)

These are for the sisters in CG. Their version are sunny-side ups instead of spreading the yolk all over

Anyways, to backtrack a little, last Wed was Ed's bday, so we all also went for dinner at Ming Star sushi, the one and only sushi restaurant in KT to celebrate his birthday. Pretty simple but we all had a good time catching up with each other as we are all now in different groups and rotations. :)

Officially an adult now..but look at his cake..with so many cute

@ MS sushi

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