Thursday, October 23, 2008

Kemaman Port - Kuantan

Last Tues, we went to Kemaman port as part of our comm med programme. We went there to learn about international port health, about how the health authorities inspect ships that stop by at that port, the crew members on ship etc etc to prevent infectious diseases such as yellow fever and plague from entering Malaysia. However, after about 2 and half hour journey fr KT to Kemaman, we spent most of the time listening to powerpoint presentation and we are not able to see much of the action as we do not have permission to board the ships.

None the less, they brought us around the port, explaining further about port health and hopefully we can visualize all the health checks that they conduct on ships docking at that port.

Ovitrap set on fence to trap eggs of Aedes Aegypti

One of the deratting process- trapping the rats in cage

We had to put on safety helmets to be able to enter the port area. I always thought i look funny putting on helmets, and till now, i still think i look funny with helmets. :p

DD and me at the port

My group with the guy who briefed us at the port

DD tried to put on 3 helmets on my head and they managed to stay on for a few sconds..hehe

When we finally finished with our port visit, that's when the real excitement kicks in cz we went further to Kuantan. Kuantan is about another 45 minutes to an hour from Kemaman. We reached Kuantan at about 4pm, so that's not much we could do there either. We went to Berjaya Megamall for bowling, shopping and movie. Actually there's also bowling in KT and the choices of movies are pretty limited but basically, we enjoyed the 'lepak' feeling or maybe the 'mall' feeling (is there such thing as mall syndrome?haha) ; such a feeling that is always absent while we are in KT.

Bowling session

After Max Payne (lame movie)

As you all can see, the ride to Kuantan is filled with fun, dust and 'vandalism'

By the time we got home, it was past midnight. I was really tired that day because we had travelled quite a lot and i had been awake even b4 7am, but it was fun and it was worth it despite the not-so-good movie. :)

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