Monday, October 27, 2008

Southernmost Tip Of Mainland Asia and Kukup

Dad had holiday today so he brought us (except my bro) and Dd to Kukup for seafood. Kukup is a seafood village in Pontian, about 2 hours from JB. It used to be one of JB-rean as well as Singaporean fav destination for seafood b4 many other seafood restaurants sprout like mushroom after rain in JB. It's been a long time since i went there, i used to go there for seafood b4 they increased the price of food and i still rmb they had speedboats that will bring us to the nearby 'kelong' (place where they rear fish) for visit.

There are a few seafood restaurants there, but this is the the nicest and most reasonable by family choice

Among some of the stuff we ordered, fried Nestum prawn.. this is really cheap because the prawns they give are all king prawns

Sambal crab

Fried sweet baby cuttlefish

'hong sao tofu'..which turn out to be more of sweet and sour tofu with pineapples

the parrot that can't talk at the restaurant

the 2 other women in my life that i noe i can trust and love

oops..a crane on DD's head

Now the crane is on my head..haha

After lunch, we went to the nearby village for a walk. It's called 'Perkampungan Laut' which is directly translated to be 'Sea Village' or in other words, its a village on the sea, something like the jetties in Penang.

But here is much better, as they have cemented walkways and brick houses

Some of the houses in the village

After we left Kukup, dad brought DD to Tg Piai National Park which is about 10 km away fr Kukup. We have to pay to enter the national park, but whats unique about this national park besides being a mangrove swamp reserve centre is that this is the location for the sounthernmost tip of mainland Asia!

Tg Piai national park

Wooden platforms are build to make it more convenient for visitors to walk. Besides being the southernmost tip, it's also a jetty and visitors can also go fishing, camping, and fireflies watching here. And they even provide activities such as 'tree-planting' project that anyone can participate in.

Along the walk to the southernmost tip, we can see many reserve plants and bakau as well as animals; monkeys and mudskippers are the most common

eh dat a life-size monkey??

This is supposed to be where the southernmost tip of mainland Asia is located with the observation tower but its currently undergoing renovation

a pic took fr the observation tower

Monkey chasing each other

and this monkey stop for some food in the midst of the chasing!

Johor certainly has a lot other more interesting places to visit and anyone coming to JB and need a tour guide, you all are welcome to engage me as long as im in JB! hahaha.. (i charge cheap cheap only..haha..;p). The Deepavali break had been very good so far, im having fun every single day and feeling blessed with the goodness im having everyday too. :)

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