Saturday, October 25, 2008

Mid Val For a Day

It's only 3 weeks ago i was back at blissful home but yet, i'm so happy to be back home again for Deepavali break. I spent the afternoon watching Bangkok Dangerous with DD. The story is about a hitman played by Nicholas Cage falling in love with a local woman and the whole movie was ok until the end, which i don't like the way it ended.

Neway, i was in transit in KL yesterday so we went to Mid Val, one of my fav mall in KL to hang out for a day. Of course, we went eating, food that we can't find in KT and i had been craving for, shopping and movies.

First stop for food was Dragon-I. I had been craving for 'xiao long bao' for a while now and the satisfaction was simply heavenly as the soup from the bun spill in the mouth as we chew the little, translucent bun.

Xiao long bao..yummy yummy yummy

Besides 'xiao long bao', we also ordered egg york bun, which had golden-yellow yolk with custard oozing out from the bun as we bite them in half.

Egg york bun

See the yolk and custard oozing out..

Dry la mian (a kind of Shanghai noodle) with mince meat and mushroom

Spicy Shanghai la mian..some ppl do not like the taste of peanut in the soup, but i personally like that taste as it thickens the soup

Braised pork soup

I'm so ready to fill my growling tummy :)

We also ordered red bean buns which comes in the shape of pigs. Round, fat, white pigs..i can't help but say cute! And the pigs were already kissing when it was served to us. :p

I pulled them apart and do the 'pig' face..haha

Second stop for food was Carl's Junior. The huge, famous charbroiled, expensive burger (A burger set can go up to RM 24).

After a long, tired day at CJ

Superstar Cheese Burger..i know..they look so different fr their pic

Western bacon cheeseburger..which also look different from their pic

Beef chilli cheese fries

Natural cut fries..i like this better

My taste bud was truly delectable at the end of the day. Not forgetting why living in KL is a perfect place to gain weight if you are tempted with all the yummylicious food and simply can't resist them. haha.. :p

I watched 2 movies yesterday. One was at GSC International Screen. It's a Japanese movie call '10 promises to My Dog'. The 1st thing that attract me to this movie was the super adorable golden retriever on the poster and the second thing was that it is from the same director of the movie Quill, which touched me to tears too watching that. I feel that this is more of a girl movie, the plot is very simple, but it was really touching it can make a girl cry. (guys i'm not sure as guys rarely admit if they are move to tears)

My fav dog..cute n touching

The other movie was Eagle Eye, which was really action-packed. I kinda enjoy both movies, so go watch it! hehe.. :)

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