Sunday, October 12, 2008

Psychiatric Home Visit

This hse is still inhibited..somewhere in Marang..

One of the things that i actually enjoy in comm med are the field trips. I'm able to learn and see things that are out-of-the-textbook, able to experience and understand better what i learn in class.

Today, we followed the nurses from HSNZ for home visiting. Unlike the previous time, where we went to antenatal patients houses, this time we went to psychiatric patients houses. I never know that one of the services that gov hosp provides include visits to patients home, especially for patients that have difficulty in going to the hosp/health clinics or non-compliance patients. I had always wonder what happen to patients that stay deep in the rural areas and have difficulty going to hosp etc and now i'm glad that there's such thing as home-visits although there's still lack of doctors going along. I actually enjoy home-visits because it reminds me in a lot of ways of a lot of things and we get to truly understand the social condition and environment the patient is living in.

We all know that poverty exist everywhere. It just varies from the degree of poverty in each district, state, country and region. Even in some of the richest nation such as United States, United Kingdom and Japan, there are still rural and poor areas, whats more a developing country like ours. Yes, we boost the tallest twin tower and the 5th tallest tower in the world and our ever-arising megamalls, but yet in rural Kuala Terengganu and Marang, there are still people living in wood houses on stilt, houses that look literally abandon, houses with no toilets, houses with cats and babies sharing the same bed ;- the kinda-house that i'm sure many will be very reluctant to stay in for more than a week, maybe a day for even more pampered kids these days.

Kuala Lumpur city skyline..the beautiful side of the country

Most of the patients we visited today are schizophrenic patients. Although one or two of them comes from good family background and have proper and good housing and care, half of them still have family member to look after, the rest live in pretty bad condtions. They might not be the poorest of the lot, but they are left to live alone, have babies and toddlers to care of and have siblings that don't bother about them. It broke my heart to see the condition some of these ppl are living in: so dirty, smelly, unhygienic and cramp or the fact that they are left to be on their own to look after themselves. It's not surprising that infectious diseases such as dengue and typhoid are endemic in these areas.

But yet, my heart gain warmth in admiring the strength and independence they have for themselves. Perhaps because they already have a wrong perception of reality and they live in their own world where they don't know the existence of hypocrisy, backstabbing, selfishness, greed and all the other ugly values that exist in our world, they seem carefree and easily satisfied and happy. Their simplicity and innocence are also the virtues that evil ppl prey. Contrary to many fears, they will not be abusive and start getting 'dangerous' unless provoked or feel threaten (or in severe condition perhaps).

As i 'salam' one of the patient goodbye, she held my hand and started grinning. I can see that she is very happy. Happy that maybe in such a long while, there had not been so many people visiting her or even shake hands with her. And as we left her hse, she keep mumbling 'Thank you, thank you, i will take my medicine' and grin like a child. It warms me to know a simple gesture actually mades her day.

Having personal experience with ppl with mental disorder, i know that they, like us, have feelings and emotions too. Some ppl say that mental ppl shd be tie up, which i totally disagree unless maybe when they get to a stage beyond cure where they will be so violent (by then i suppose they will be in mental institutions), many are afraid of mental disorder ppl, and if schizophrenic patients have wrong perception of reality, i say, most of human population have wrong perception towards mental disorder patients. They, too, do not want to be like this. Genetic or environment factors that drives them to be over the wall, they deserves to be treated as how other normal ppl are being treated too.

At the end of the day, i just felt so blessed that genetically, im born normal and i had a nice family, proper food and roof over my head and ppl who loves me.

PS : Therefore, before i sign off to dreamland, i wna tell this one extraordinary, special person (you know who you are if you ever read come across my blog someday), that i'm extremely proud of you. A lot of ppl don't have the strength and courage you have and many had choosed to abandon, but you, hold on, give it your all and sacrifices. For this, i absolutely respect you. :)

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