Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Sg Rengit Seafood

1st of all, I wna wish all Muslim readers 'Selamat Hari Raya'! As it is a public holi, it's also a family day for my family so we made a trip to Sg Rengit for seafood. Sg. Rengit is about 2 hours away fr JB and popular for their lobsters so we went there and ate lobsters, crabs and some other seafoods like oysters. We also went to Desaru to walk by the beach and enjoy the sea breeze, the same South China Sea breeze that i can enjoy in KT..hahaha..

The seafood there is very good, fresh and cheap and I'll definitely be back for more revisits. :)

Butter lobster

Chilli crab

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Alli!!! hahaha i have been eating lots of seafood too..tml 1 more round...blood test sure high cholesterol...haha....but holiday ending d ...sob fam went 2 desaru once too..haha..super far in...btw just wannA say that Jesus loves you and you can bring all your troubles & sadness to Him cause He loves you very much..see ya soon :)

hey gurl, i guess both of us will hv very high cholesterol after the holis..haha..desaru is not very near fr JB too..neway thanks 4 ur encouragement.c u soon. :)