Thursday, October 23, 2008

So Long, Farewell Comm Med Posting

Actually 7 weeks simply flew by. As i'm anticipating going back to home sweet home soon, i can't help but review back all the attachments and visits we had done throughout our 7 weeks posting in community medicine. Certainly, we had more than enough 'tamparan' and pick up the infamous 'i don't know la' and 'up to you la', but the more relax schedule and visits are some of the things i think i'll miss especially when paeds start to get real hectic.

Here are some of the pics of all the attachments and visits for the past 7 weeks.

During the 2nd week..attachment at the health clinics in Marang with the head nurse

With the rest of the friendly and helpful nurses

Neonatal care..a 15 day old baby

at Klinik Desa Rusila where we went for nutrition talk/demo

DD trying to make the baby happy

Psychiatric rehab centre..we mix with some of the patients there and did drawing with them

Visit to the old folks home

Dd doing silat and dancing with some of the 'children' at the home of children with special needs

@ the home

With some of the children (actually some of them are already grown ups but still refer to as children) there

The souvenirs we bought from the home made by the children

on a hot afternoon at the water plant for water treatment demo

Lastly, prof decided to give us a lunch treat at her house yesterday as we come to an end of our posting. We had nasi dagang, which consist of the rice combine with fenugreek seeds and coconut milk that gives the rice its unique flavour and taste accompany by fish curry and some other side dishes but prof substitue it with salad and fried egg which is absolutely 'hypertensive'.

Helping out at prof hse

The dishes that prof prepared except the rice

The rice for nasi dagang

Some of the other lecturers who were also invited

While waiting for lunch, play around with one of prof many Sarawak-style hat

With Prof WK and Dr. TD

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