Sunday, November 02, 2008

Halloween in KL

Started paeds posting today. Neway, wna blog about my last 2 days in KL before coming back to KT. The whole 1 week had ended way too soon. Time pass fast when you're having fun (or not). :). Of course, all the hanging out had made me very broke at the end of the 1 week, so i shall save and save and save here in KT.

When we are in KL, we can never miss out on the food. All those food there is the main culprit for making one grow fat. KL's claypot 'lao shu fen' or glass noodle or in KT, i found one shop that called it shortly noodle, it's indeed one of the few authentic KL food that i miss most of the time. So, we went to the chinese coffee shop near Puduraya for the lao shu fen because me and DD kinda agree that the lao shu fen there is one of the nicest.

Delicious claypot 'shortly' noodle

This must be one of the holidays that i had watched the most number of movies. After dinner, we watched My Best Friend's Girl, which is kinda like a romantic comedy but not so romantic yet. However, the movie is funny and i find it very light-heartening.

Me and my bowl of oyster mee suah fr Shihlin

Me and DD after a desert of 'dou jiang you tiao' ( doughstick with bean curd)

The next day, we met up for lunch with HW and the rest at Sushi Zanmai at The Gardens. The whole place was packed with ppl during lunch time. Well, the sushis are yum yum, quite a number of varieties and price reasonable too, so i guess that's why there were so many ppl.

Sushis on belt

Bake salmon sushi with mayonnaise

This sushi had a topping of melt cheese and mayo with bake crab meat inside

Rice balls with prawn

Soft shell crab maki..i really love this!

Chicken katsu don..this tasted ordinary only

HW ordered this fresh scallop

Ed ordered the tempura

a pic from across the table

after a happy, filling meal

Well, after sushis, we moved on for ice-creams. Yay, we just can't help pampering our taste buds. We settled for New Zealand Natural which had a big notice on their counter informing all customers that the dairy products they used are free from melamine. We sat there for the rest of the afternoon, eating ice creams and racking our brains of teasers.

The new zilch chocolate which is sugar-free and cookies and cream fr NZ cream, ice cream made my day :D

It was also Halloween on the 31st, so since we were also on holidays, i decided that we could joined in the fun of dressing up. But, we didn't want to spend too much on costume, we just wanted to have some fun within a budget, so we did not rent any costume. I did some simple make-up to make myself looked supposingly scary and DD and his bro did the simplest thing; they just bought a horror mask.

I'm supposed to be a witch. I bought a witch hat but i got no broomstick or spell pot, but in Charmed, the witches are all non-scary looking and had no broomstick nor spell pot too. :p I just make my face white, apply some black eye-liners and eye-shadow to give off the dark eye effect (something like smoky eyes but not exactly that) and super red lipstick. Oh, i added a little bruise on the side of my face too, actually i just wanted to test my make-up skill of faking a bruise but DD said with the bruise, i look more scary, so i just keep it there throughout the night. I kinda feel weird at 1st going into Mid Val like that with ppl looking at you all the time, but there's a 1st time to everything, so we spent the entire night walking around Mid Val in our make-up. ( DD also had his hair blue and i did some blood-stain around his mouth for him) And after a while, you'll get used to it.

ta-da, my make up for the real, i really look kinda scary if i don't smile

We were thinking of a lot of places to go for Halloween, but finally we decided to go somewhere where we can also have our dinner, so we don't just spend money having drinks. And the nearest place to go is of course Mid Val. That's why in the end we celebrated Halloween at Tony Romas. Actually Tony Romas spookily did up their restaurant, with cob webs, and painted pics and skeletons and spiders. They even had green version of the jack-o-lantern and the light was turn down to made the whole restaurant dark and so Halloween.

The skeleton and cob webs at the restaurant

Green version of jack-o-lantern instead of the usual orange ones

Halloween drink : Vampire kiss, which is a mixture of orange and strawberry puree

And because it's Halloween and because we came dressed-up, we got this onion loaf free! We also had the kicking shrimp for starters

Steak burger took w/o flash

Medium-raw steak with bake potato and brocoli

Norwegian salmon with mash potato and brocoli

Each of us ate till we almost can't stuffed anymore, that we had to played some games to finished up all the food in the end. But, we had a very good dinner, with all waiters and waitresses dressed up too and yeap, we can feel the Halloween vibe as well. haha.. I had a very memorable time and i can say, i totally enjoyed the whole Deepa break. :)

@ Tony Romas

Devils and witch..the simple version

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wah... look more like a ghost than a witch leh hjaha

you should draw your eyebrown curve up ,green eye shadow, cheek shouldn't apply colour, draw a red mole on your forehead,hahaha.

OMG! really like chinese 7 months Ghost, so scary.

how can u be so cruel by putting so many many many food picturess??? oh my gawddd i'm craving for sushiii..

how can u so cruel by putting so many many many food pictures? i'm craving for sushiii....

haha..i miss u la pineapple =p